An article that all beauty conscious people should read

Blackheads it’s definitely one of my problems.I have always got blackheads since I was a teenager.I will try each and everything. Nothing worked if I have to say honestly.I tried almost every remedy.I used to scrub lemon.It was of great help but if I have to say whether it was effective in the long run, no, it was not.So do not try it if you want the blackhead problem to be gone forever and ever.This is when I saw an article written on blackheads on the Reward Me website.It was beautifully written as well as very informative.It made me want to try it in my home immediately.It was that inviting.It said blackheads occurred due to clogged pores plus due to dead skin cells.I understood well why blackheads appear.I kept reading on.White head occurs when the pore is closed while the blackhead occurs when the pore is open.Isn’t that very clear?

Each remedy is a gem.My favourite remedy as well as easy to make remedy is Egg white mask and honey and milk pore strips .I thought it in my mind, I have to try this for it is very simple, yet lends a helping aid to get rid of blackheads totally, I mean totally.Blackhead is a bugging problem in many households especially the teenagers experience these.Not only them the adults and grownups too experience.Those who can afford to visit a beauty parlour are very lucky, then just imagine about the rest of the people.What will they do?Where will they go?How will they make themselves blackhead free?.As far as these remedies on Reward Me is concerned, I will give hundred out of hundred marks for it because it deserves it absolutely.

Take egg white mask-You should just get egg white, then facial tissue, a small bowl and a clean towel.First of all, you should wash your face and make it clean.Wipe off your face with a towel.Now apply egg white on your face or skin.Keep the facial tissue tightly on egg white.Then once again apply egg white using facial tissue.To know whether the consistency is okay, touch your face and it should feel dry.If not wait for it to dry.Now after it dried, peel the mask off from your beautiful face.If there are residues wash it off too with water.After the procedure is done, what you should do is pat dry and apply a good moisturer.

This is my most favourite remedy in the Reward Me article.There are many other remedies in the article but this particular article touched my soul.It is very very easy to try it at one’s home.I guess you will all agree with me.If you haven’t yet read the article you can read it here.Thanks for visiting my blog.I hope you found the article useful.

“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.”


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