Up your spirits with a #MaxFreshMove

In Tollywood industry, Allu Arjun is a very big star.He has given many hit movies like Desamuduru, Parugu, Bunny, Happy, Arya and Arya 2.Personally, eventhough I am from Tamil Nadu, I loved watching his film, Happy and Arya 2.These movies were full of comedy and there is no stopping me from watching them.I totally admired Allu Arjun’s sensational moves.I can’t help but open my mouth in awe when I watch his films.Particularly in Arya 2, I had a blast watching his awesome moves in the first song.Sometimes its all a person needs to be amused and enthralled by things.
About two years back, I was eagerly waiting for my UG results.To be precise, I was fearfully waiting for my UG results.What if the mark I got is not enough?Many such thoughts occupied my mind that I started watching movies like Home alone, Home alone 2, Home alone 3 repeatedly.I got very bored.When I feel low, I watch my favourite movies.Then I switched on the TV.I entered the channel number of Maa Tv.It was 12 or 12.30.I am not exactly sure.The movie that aired was Happy.It is none other than Allu Arjun’s hit movie.Here I was feeling very low at that particular time.That’s why I should watch some lighthearted movies like that of Allu Arjun.I have already watched Allu Arjun’s movies before but this movie was different.I will surely watch it over and over again.

Who can forget Allu Arjun’s “Osthaveh Ostha Osthaveh” Song. I never did.When this song was playing and Allu Arjun was dancing fantastically, I can’t help but keep smiling.I WAS REFRESHED by this fabulous music and captivating moves of Allu Arjun.I felt as if a big burden have been taken from my shoulder.I forgot about my results only to enjoy the present moment.There is a famous saying, My life, My rules, My way.I understood this by watching Allu Arjun’s film.
How can I forget Anushka Manchanda?.The lady who previously worked as a VJ then turned into a absolute rockstar.I mean rockstar.There are very few people who the audience of the film industry remembers as singers.I am proud of Anushka Manchanda and her singing performances.All her songs refreshes me.When Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda come together, it will be never ending entertainment full of fun quotient.The thrill can be remembered by everyone.
From this you all can understand that how any situation will turn around and give us energy when Anushka Manchanda , the singing diva and Allu Arjun, the master of dance join hands together.I hardly believe people from other states especially north side have missed watching his talent.I am deeply saddened by this news.My advice to anyone who is feeling down, watch Allu Arjun dancing it will revive your spirit just like listening to Anushka Manchanda singing.Energize your life with a # MaxFreshMove.

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