If nothing works , get Ambipur

Almost every house in our respective town has some form of bad smell.It can be well explained to an extent.One of the most prevalent smell is that the one that comes from the kitchen dustbin.All forms of garbage can be found inside them.Vegetable waste, non-vegetarian waste everything can be found.The next one is dirty clothes.It is sad that many of us do not have time to wash all of our clothes immediately.We take some time to finish the chore.Now let me list out some of the things that I practice for my smelly house.

Scent or perfume Easy method.Instead of room freshener(if you don’t like buying one), take a scent bottle.Do you find bad smell coming from your bathroom or verandah?Spray scent or perfume.If you feel it is costly then buy a cheaper scent from the store.In this way, you can destroy the odour with less amount.

Clean the house with Dettol or any other thing equivalent We have always heard it like billion times.Clean your house daily to kill germs.But many of us are lazy people or office goers, so where do we find time?House maids these days are very costly.We can’t lose our hard earned money on them.Thus, atleast  twice or thrice a week, let us clean our house.It will surely help us to kill the foul smell.

Never invite any guest to your home This one is very simple.Why do we have to call our relatives, guests or outsiders when our house is smelling terribly?Hence, say some lame excuses to keep guests from visiting your smelly, smelly home.

Wash all your dirty clothes on a daily basis Do not be hasty.You know that haste makes waste.Never delay your process of washing your dirty laundry.You will be very sorry later on.Daily dirty clothes should be washed within that day or the next day.Do not put up for tomorrow, ever.

If nothing works for you, then go buy a room or air freshener.You will get excellent results.You can invite your guests very often to your house proudly.They will be pleased to see your house smell so good.They will then buy the same air freshener to their house also.It is a win win situation.Sometimes all it takes a room freshener to vanish all your problems.You will be at your best self.Your mind will be at peace.You do not have to meditate or anything.Entering your home itself is like a meditation.Anyway, buy a room freshener only if nothing works otherwise do not buy it.Why waste your money unnecessarily.I guess you have got my point.Use air fresheners, first of all to your bathrooms and toilets.It needs it the most.The best way to eradicate all kinds of odour is to buy an Ambipur for your house.It helps.

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A good reason to hug

My father have been my pillar of support in every walk of my life.Rightly, I have been blessed to have a father like him.I am so glad he is my father.He has helped me a lot during my best times and hard times.I can keep going on and on.I cannot say how much I love him.It cannot be merely put into words.

Once when I was studying in B.COM second year, there was a great job opportunity that knocked on my door.My father told me to attend the interview but did not want me to go for it.There is a reason for this.It is a small company.So whether they will pay the salary on time was a big question.I doubted too.But the college is sending me.Hence it must be a good company.I went there.I was selected too out of twenty five students.I was over joyed.I went and told my parents.My father did not approve me going to the company.He said the company might be a bogus company.I was shocked.He should be happy that I got selected but he is sad.I did not expect this.I rejected his idea and went to work in the company.I am telling this real story that happened to me because my father was caring for me.That is why he did not want me to join the company.He wanted to concenterate on my studies.It was crystal clear from his speech.

Next incident happened recently.I went to an interview in a very big company.I waited in the HR room.The HR called me after thirty minutes.They started the test.I finished the test and once again they told me to sit in the HR room.For about two hours I was sitting in the HR room.The HR then came and said two guys name.These two people only have been selected and I was not one among them.I was totally devastated.I do not know to whom to show my anger.I said thank you to the HR and went home.

I was crying that I did not clear the test.The test was very simple and easy.I was like whether they cheated.Does the two guys selected were recommended people from any of the employees.Many such thoughts clouded my mind.I was not able to think properly.I did not know what to do.

This is when my father told me not to worry and I will get better job than this.He asked me to apply to another job in the same company.First, I thought it won’t work, but again it may work.So I applied for another vacancy position in the same company and now waiting for the HR to call me.Hope I get selected this. Please pray for me.I have to thank my dad for suggesting me a good solution.This is why I proudly say that he deserves a big hug .Is he not?

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My beauty tips

I always support herbal products.Especially the ones made in my own house.Never once I buy at the grocery shop except some face wash alone.I am of the opinion, we do not need chemical products to look good and to feel good.The best skin products can be made at our house itself.I have a bunch of home remedies for a wide range of skin related problems.They are listed as follows.

To lighten the scars or pigmentation Take one table spoon of honey and one table  spoon of lemon juice. Mix both the ingredients well.Then take a clean sponge and dip it in the mixture and apply it on your face.Let it dry for twenty minutes.After that, wash it off with warm water.

To cure boils Take one table spoon of curd and one table spoon of honey.Mix the ingredients together and take a sponge and apply the mixture on your face.Allow it to dry.Once it has dried , wash it off with warm water.

To vanish dry skin Apply coconut oil daily wherever you find the skin to be extremely parched.Repeat the procedure thrice a week.You will see huge difference.

To make disappear oily skin Peel off the oranges.Keep the outer layer under the sun for about ten to fifteen days.Once the outer layer has turned into a stone, grind it well using the mixie.Add curd to the powder and apply it on your face daily.Your oily skin would have gone by now.

To cure blemishes

  1. Take one table spoon of curd.Take one table spoon of lemon juice.Mix the ingredients well.Apply it on your face using a sponge.Dry it.Remove the residue after twenty to thirty minutes have passed.
  2. Take one table spoon of milk and one table spoon of turmeric powder.Mix it well.Apply it on your face and neck wherever you find blemishes.Wash it off if it has dried.The result will be evident.
  3. Take one table spoon oatmeal.Apply it on your face and neck.After it has dried, clean it off.For instant remedy, add lemon juice.

To relieve pimples Take one teaspoon of turmeric powder. Take one tablespoon Multhani mitti and rose water. Apply it on your face. Wash it only if it has dried unless let it dry some more time, then wash it.

To cure rashess Apply curd or coconut oil on rashess.These ingredients reduces the heat of the body, eventually it cools the skin.The rashess disappear in a week or two depending upon the severity.

To lighten the skin complexion Take one table spoon of milk.Using the sponge, apply it on your face. Repeat the procedure for three consecutive days.Your face complexion will improve.

I hope you all found the above remedies to be helpful.Please try it at your house if you have any of the problems listed here.If you know any beauty tip, leave as a comment below. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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Sweet old memories

In India, compared to mother’s day, father’s day was not that popular.In recent years only, it begin to flourish in and around India.It is yet to hit in villages.The literate people are aware why we are celebrating.Father’s day is a day when children appreciate the father and show their gratitude towards him for his presence and lending support when needed.Some fathers might be very strict with their children, yet his children love him unconditionally.This love cannot be explained through mere words.Sometimes love for the mother and father is the one thing that makes people live their life peacefully without any worries.Just being there helps to face day to day trials and tribulations.

There are many old sweet memories I remember about my father.He will always take care of yourself because nobody will take care of you one day.That is why you have to be bold enough to take care of yourself and not depend on anyone else in the world.His words were so correct.I have seen many selfish people.They all want their duties done by others.Thus they are blind about the fact, one day nobody will come to take care of them.What will they do then?This is the reason why we have to bend to the tune of the world.If it walks right, we have to walk right, if left, we have to walk left.Like this we have to learn to understand the path that the world shows us.We should not lose track for any silly reason.

Once I cried and told I would not go to school, my father tried everything.Unlike my mother, who shouted at me, he kept his cool head.He did not blink an eye.He kept this coolness throughout my silly stunts.Then I somehow learnt my mistake, I realized it is time to go to school, so bravely embraced the new route for happiness.My father put me in another school, it was less strict school so I thought.I enjoyed my days there for about five years.The school fees was very very costly.In my house, only my father was earning.With that money, how can spend money for two of his children’s fees?He is a God.I really have to thank for his tremendous support towards his two girl children.Each and every father is unique.My father gave his energy in making us pursue higher studies without any hindrances.My sister just finished her engineering and is looking for her job.I am going to finish M.com probably this year in correspondence course.This would not have happened, if my father thought why girl children should study first of all.That is why I proudly say, my father deserves a big hug.He really does.Hats off to him for being there for us in all the situations.

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Come closer

Beauty problems is a day-to-day story in many people’s life.I can even a write a book about it.Everybody can.In each household somebody has a problem related to beauty.Blackheads, whiteheads, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, skin allergies, pimples, etc.We can get products to get rid of them.Not to mention, many manufacturers and new manufacturers are trying to find quick remedies for billion skin problems.This is okay.But do we have to buy these products from the shop?Can’t we make our very own skin product at home itself?It is not about spending money but about wasting money.While we can make excellent home remedy for various skin problems, then why put our hard earned money on chemical products.There are ayurvedic products too on the shop, we can buy it yet time to think, what about the cost that breaks your neck?So truly I say, you can make beauty products at the comfort of your home.It consumes our precious time but the result is worthy enough to forget about it.

Let me tell some of my tips for skin problems.I will just list a few so you can get an idea.

Milk facial

Take one table spoon of milk.Take a sponge too.Wash your face with clean water.Wipe it off with a clean towel.Then with the help of sponge, apply milk on your face and neck.Let it dry.After fifteen has passed,wash your face with warm water.This facial is used as a cleanser as well as to lighten your skin if it dark.If your skin is not dark, no problem, use it for cleansing your skin.

Lemon facial

Is your skin dark to very dark?Is it due to lot of exposure to sun?If your answer is yes, take a lemon and squeeze it to make juice.Then take one table spoon of lemon juice.Take a sponge.With the help of the sponge, apply lemon juice on your face.Keep it for only about 10 minutes.No more than that.There will be side effects in case of your negligence.This is for only people who have sensitive skin.For the rest, do this procedure twice a week.Your skin will glow like a sun shines.

Oat facial

Do you want your skin to shine and not look dull?That’s why oat facial comes to your rescue.Take oat meal.Apply it on your face.Let it dry for about fifteen to twenty minutes.Then wash it right away.You can see the difference immediately for it is evident once you remove the residue.

Lemon scrub

Is part of your legs and hands dark?Tried using creams?For a change, now try lemon scrub.Scrub lemon waste on your hands and leg for ten days.You will see the difference.You hands and leg will begin to shine brighter.This home remedy is very cheap and effective.

I hope you found these remedies very useful.Try it in your house.You will not be disappointed, ever.There are many other home remedies using raddish juice, carrot juice, orange juice, curd, etc.For using these wisely, you should be smart.That’s all.You can make many home remedies for everyone to try.Thank you.

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An article that all beauty conscious people should read

Blackheads it’s definitely one of my problems.I have always got blackheads since I was a teenager.I will try each and everything. Nothing worked if I have to say honestly.I tried almost every remedy.I used to scrub lemon.It was of great help but if I have to say whether it was effective in the long run, no, it was not.So do not try it if you want the blackhead problem to be gone forever and ever.This is when I saw an article written on blackheads on the Reward Me website.It was beautifully written as well as very informative.It made me want to try it in my home immediately.It was that inviting.It said blackheads occurred due to clogged pores plus due to dead skin cells.I understood well why blackheads appear.I kept reading on.White head occurs when the pore is closed while the blackhead occurs when the pore is open.Isn’t that very clear?

Each remedy is a gem.My favourite remedy as well as easy to make remedy is Egg white mask and honey and milk pore strips .I thought it in my mind, I have to try this for it is very simple, yet lends a helping aid to get rid of blackheads totally, I mean totally.Blackhead is a bugging problem in many households especially the teenagers experience these.Not only them the adults and grownups too experience.Those who can afford to visit a beauty parlour are very lucky, then just imagine about the rest of the people.What will they do?Where will they go?How will they make themselves blackhead free?.As far as these remedies on Reward Me is concerned, I will give hundred out of hundred marks for it because it deserves it absolutely.

Take egg white mask-You should just get egg white, then facial tissue, a small bowl and a clean towel.First of all, you should wash your face and make it clean.Wipe off your face with a towel.Now apply egg white on your face or skin.Keep the facial tissue tightly on egg white.Then once again apply egg white using facial tissue.To know whether the consistency is okay, touch your face and it should feel dry.If not wait for it to dry.Now after it dried, peel the mask off from your beautiful face.If there are residues wash it off too with water.After the procedure is done, what you should do is pat dry and apply a good moisturer.

This is my most favourite remedy in the Reward Me article.There are many other remedies in the article but this particular article touched my soul.It is very very easy to try it at one’s home.I guess you will all agree with me.If you haven’t yet read the article you can read it here.Thanks for visiting my blog.I hope you found the article useful.


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Up your spirits with a #MaxFreshMove

In Tollywood industry, Allu Arjun is a very big star.He has given many hit movies like Desamuduru, Parugu, Bunny, Happy, Arya and Arya 2.Personally, eventhough I am from Tamil Nadu, I loved watching his film, Happy and Arya 2.These movies were full of comedy and there is no stopping me from watching them.I totally admired Allu Arjun’s sensational moves.I can’t help but open my mouth in awe when I watch his films.Particularly in Arya 2, I had a blast watching his awesome moves in the first song.Sometimes its all a person needs to be amused and enthralled by things.
About two years back, I was eagerly waiting for my UG results.To be precise, I was fearfully waiting for my UG results.What if the mark I got is not enough?Many such thoughts occupied my mind that I started watching movies like Home alone, Home alone 2, Home alone 3 repeatedly.I got very bored.When I feel low, I watch my favourite movies.Then I switched on the TV.I entered the channel number of Maa Tv.It was 12 or 12.30.I am not exactly sure.The movie that aired was Happy.It is none other than Allu Arjun’s hit movie.Here I was feeling very low at that particular time.That’s why I should watch some lighthearted movies like that of Allu Arjun.I have already watched Allu Arjun’s movies before but this movie was different.I will surely watch it over and over again.

Who can forget Allu Arjun’s “Osthaveh Ostha Osthaveh” Song. I never did.When this song was playing and Allu Arjun was dancing fantastically, I can’t help but keep smiling.I WAS REFRESHED by this fabulous music and captivating moves of Allu Arjun.I felt as if a big burden have been taken from my shoulder.I forgot about my results only to enjoy the present moment.There is a famous saying, My life, My rules, My way.I understood this by watching Allu Arjun’s film.
How can I forget Anushka Manchanda?.The lady who previously worked as a VJ then turned into a absolute rockstar.I mean rockstar.There are very few people who the audience of the film industry remembers as singers.I am proud of Anushka Manchanda and her singing performances.All her songs refreshes me.When Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda come together, it will be never ending entertainment full of fun quotient.The thrill can be remembered by everyone.
From this you all can understand that how any situation will turn around and give us energy when Anushka Manchanda , the singing diva and Allu Arjun, the master of dance join hands together.I hardly believe people from other states especially north side have missed watching his talent.I am deeply saddened by this news.My advice to anyone who is feeling down, watch Allu Arjun dancing it will revive your spirit just like listening to Anushka Manchanda singing.Energize your life with a # MaxFreshMove.

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