My airtel app

Have you heard about My airtel app?It’s an interesting app that lets you manage everything starting from broadband connection to post and prepaid services.You can even pay for your DTH services using this wonderful app.Great isn’t it? Everything at your fingertip.What more?You can track account usage and service requests and buy your favorite products, include your family and loving friends numbers using the app.It is the easiest way to manage all your Airtel services.When I was small, the cell phones weren’t invented I suppose or I think so it didn’t come to our country.I have seen no one using cellphones or smartphones.But nowadays almost everyone has mobile phones in their hands and pockets.Plenty have bought smart phones which is surprising as within few years the popularity of mobile phones have gone to peak.I am totally taken aback by this finding.It may be surprising to many that I barely use smartphone.Whenever an Important call is to be made and important call is to be attended, I use my phone.Apart from that I don’t use it unnecessarily.It is better for everyone if they use these phones for a limited period daily because of the fact, the phones emit radiations.These can also be said as a reason to download My Airtel app as it will save our time. The three features which I loved seeing on My Airtel app is as follows.I hope you love these features too.

It lets you recharge your mobile conveniently-
Before we have to to nearby shop or the airtel service centre itself to recharge our mobile.It was time consuming and cost of travelling was also heavy depending where your house is located from the service centre or shop.Now we can easily recharge our smartphone using My Airtel app.It is that easy as well as more convenient.We do not have to waste our precious time on recharging mobile as our home is where the recharge is done.

It helps makes various payments-
You can pay almost anything by availing the service of My Airtel app.Once you downloaded it, you are eligible to get lot of opportunities to use shortcuts.You pay your prepaid and postpaid services, Airtel DTH connection, etc.You can buy products , order games,view your balance amount and recharge history and many more.Will anyone miss these things?They did be stupid enough if they do not download this app.I love this app very much for this feature.I absolutely love it.

It lets you know what’s going on everywhere-
Everybody will love this feature.I have no doubt on that because My Airtel app lets us know what is going on everywhere which is a blessing to many of us.We can know the data usage, data usage alerts, not billed and outstanding amount at our home itself or anywhere we take the smartphone to.This feature sounds astounding to me.Nobody will miss this for sure.

These three key features that best suits my Lifestyle. I guess it will definitely suit yours too.


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