Can’t imagine a life without her

A mother and her children bond cannot be explained through mere words. A mother showers unconditional love to her children than the father. She fights with her husband to fulfill the needs of her children if they are worthy enough. She means the world to her loving children.

All over the world, mothers are appreciated more than the father. There is a reason for this. Mothers take care of their home and everything while the father goes out to work. A mother is with her children most of the time while the father is not so. This is the reason why the children bond more with their mother.

My memories of my mom-I have so many memories which one should I say. I will start with this. When I was studying in 7th, I cried a lot by saying I don’t like this school. My mother convinced me so much. She said, if she had studied she would not be like this asking her husband for each and everything. I wasn’t convinced. I said I won’t go to school anymore.

Not able to tolerate me, she called in my grandmother together they taught me values. I wasn’t convinced then too but they told they will put me in another school. Why I didn’t like the previous school, the teachers beat the students.My mother did a lot for me. I cannot ask for more.

Another memory of my mom includes when I didn’t get day college seat after I finished my high school.My mother convinced me to go to evening college.But I said, I can’t because all my school friends got day college. The reason I didn’t get the day seat was I took computer science as an alternate paper while they took business maths.

Maths has more weightage.I cried a lot.But my mother spoke to all my relatives, they all tried to convince me.Eventually I was convinced.I went to evening college.The timing of the college was afternoon 1:45 to evening 6:45.It was hard for me.

I can say many more memories of my mom.When I ate a small piece of balloon when I was studying in third standard.She gave me a bunch of banana’s.I was crying the whole time because I was frightened of death.

The next memory is when I fell from upstairs.My hand got fractured.My mother took me to the hospital and took care of me.These are all the memories I cherish the most.I think now how would my life would have turned if my mom wasn’t there. I can’t Imagine it even in my dreams.


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