My understanding

In olden days, the game cricket was not that popular.Slowly, it became popular because of the match between different countries and our country.People were very much enthusiastic about watching the game.Today, this game is at its peak, many youngsters are crazy about cricket.They play cricket as well as watch the players play cricket.The game has captured the hearts of millions and millions of people across the globe.Sachin Tendulkar is the guru of cricket.His awesome record of centuries speaks for itself.At present, Dhoni is considered to be the guru of cricket.It may be true or may not be true.The gurus keep changing.

To be honest, I do not like cricket.I also do not like watching other people play cricket.In my house, we are living in an apartment to be precise.Many young children come to play outside our house.They play almost all games.We do not say a word except for playing cricket.When they play cricket, the ball reaches our window.If it breaks who will pay the bill for putting brand new window, the children?No, right.We have to pay the bills.So we scold the children to play outside their house.But they never dare to listen.They keep playing outside our home.We have told the person in charge of the apartment also.The watchman scolded the boys.Yet, they never listen.It’s like they are deaf.They have turned a blind eye towards us.

We are not opposed to playing cricket, but we are worried about our window.What if it breaks because of the children?Who will pay the bills if it did break?Who knows?We only have have to pay.The house owner will kills us if we do not pay.It is our duty also.The children we cannot blame them.They want to play somewhere because their parents have said not to play outside their own house.So the come to our house to play cricket.

From what I watched in the youtube, EkNayileague is about new IPL like thing.It is a tournament between our players.Our players play the game and if they win they are awarded money.This Nayi leagues is not about the old players but about the new players.Young players are selected after lot of consideraration and they are chosen by the old , retired players.The selected players all over the world, play among themselves by choosing their team and whoever wins, then they play between the winning teams. The one team which wins the game are chosen to play real games.Sounds good isn’t it?

This is what I grasped from watching the video.If I am wrong do not scold me or blame me.I am just a thinker, guesser.Eknayileague is a about a new team of players.The selected new team will play in the real game between countries.It feels good.I am wondering this is what about Ek Nayi League or some other thing.I am not sure.Nayi league is a new league.This I understood.But since I am not that good at hindi, I was not able to grasp many things.But as far as now, this is my understanding of Ek Nayi League.


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