Boys and Girls drink

Voting is our birth right.We get to vote not only in election time, and also on various small and big occasion in our home, office and Television programs, contests, etc.It has become a crucial part of our life.Advertising these days are produced fantastically and there is no say in that regard.It has got all the potentiality of the right elements and has the ability to capture one’s attention.The viewers are drwn towards it and immediately after seeing the beautiful advertisement, they go to shop and buy the product.They are attracted by the particular product’s advertisement.These pepsi ads like any other ads has that effect on any person to make them utilize the product.My vote goes to :

This is a very intriguing ad.The girl and boy are sitting in a hotel.The girl takes the tissue paper and writes the following, Coffee, tea or me and gives it to the boy.The boy could have said any of the three but he did not say anything.He simply says, I mean writes, None and pass it to the girl.The girl writes back saying, then what?.The replies, Pepsi and gives the tissue paper to the girl.The girl too says, Me too.Both smile at each other.Such a fabulous take.The ad is very subtle.Rightly it is name black and white.

This ad too made it to my favourite list.The boy and girl are standing in opposite poles to each other.In the middle, in a table, a pepsi bottle is kept.They both stare at each other.Who is going to take the pepsi bottle first?The boy or the girl.Who is going to win?The boy rans fast and outtakes the girl.But the girl throws a pillow on the boy, the bottle flies and the girl begins to catch it.Now the pepsi bottle is in the girl’s hands.The boy becomes sad.The girl drinks the full bottle pepsi.The boy smacks his lips and watches the girl drinking pepsi.

Three people go to a hotel, it may be motel.From their looks, it suggests they are travelers.They go there and sit in chairs.They ask the server what is special in the shop.The server lists a long menu.The travelers are fully taken back and surprised.The travelers, then ask for only one from the non-menu, that is pepsi.The server gives it to them.The three of them drink it fast.This ad is very inspring.It makes a non drinker of pepsi to drink peps without a doubt.It is clear from the advertisement that indeed these travelers motivate others to drink pepsi.Not only this ad the above two ads and the rest of the ads in the crash the pepsi gallery.Agree or not, it feels like it.I haven’t drink pepsi but after watching these ads I want to drink pepsi so badly.How that sounds for you!!!

“I’m voting for the best ads in the#CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”


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