Rajma and Upma vs Jhingalala

Advertisements are part of our life.We cannot avoid them.We have to watch these advertisements inbetween television programmes.There are many advertisements telecast on TV that has the potential to attract every individual in a home.That’s why the advertisers make it.The company pay them money in exchange for producing these ads.The ideas of advertisement are very unique and engaging.It encourages the people to buy the product without a doubt.

People after seeing the advertisement on TV, they go to the shop to buy the same product that they saw on TV.They cannot be blamed because they want the best products for their house.And after finding them on TV, they cannot keep quiet.They want to buy it immediately.People, nowadays are very product conscious.They know what they are getting into.They know what they are buying.They can’t be cheated.They have seen so many ads and this has become a reason for them to get familiar with these ads.So it is easy for them relate to the ads well.

I have already blogged about this ad.And I can’t change my mind the way I think about this ad.This ad is fantastic.I admired the presentation.The setting of the ad is perfect.The characters are motivated to act very well and they have done great justice to it.There is no doubt.If you have seen the ad yourself and tell if there are any flaw.There is none indeed.What I am not getting is, why this ad was not selected as a winner?That’s what I do not know.There is two couple.They both are sitting in a bench.They are kind of in a fighting mode.But they are quiet in a way they fight using their emotions.One by one, they take their food and keep it on the bench near them.After they have placed everything, they take the final one which is a drink.It is none other than Pepsi.This ad says it all. The popularity of pepsi.The couples laugh at the sight of pepsi in each other’s hand.There’s unity in drinking Pepsi.

This ad also has beautifully come out.It is worth watching.It should have been a winner.A man was walking in the forest.That is when the adivasi’s terrify him.He is frightened and shouts upon seeing them.They are man eaters.They are going to kill him.They tie him.One adivasi picks up a big stone.He is going to kill him or is he?Another adivasi man sees pepsi in his bag and takes out.He drinks it fully.Then gives it to his fellow adivasis, they all dance happily.What are fabulous take?The man silently walks far from them and escapes while adivasis are dancing .His life is saved because of Pepsi.What are thought provoking ad it is. I enjoyed so much watching it.

“I’m voting for the best ads in the#CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 6th May to 14th May. Are you?”


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