That’s the spirit

Why celebrate special occasions and big festivals when we can celebrate life everyday.Can’t we celebrate each and every moment we spend on this earth?We may see some drawbacks fewer times on our path but it’s not like the world is going to end.We can celebrate life everyday like nothing bad has every happened. Why not ?Many times, we find pleasure in doing simple things like going to the grocery and cooking food for our family, going to the shop to buy clothes for our family, going to the bank to pay cash for savings account, being contented with our family’s achievement, etc.In my opinion, what are all the things that makes me celebrate life every moment. Read on to find out.

Complimenting myself for everything
-I may have achieved very small but after all I should be proud that I have achieved something.So I will be happy for the fact I achieved it.I will compliment myself and continue to do so for the rest of my life.For instance, I have got high marks in exam, I will compliment myself.Second scenario, I have got low marks in exam, I will compliment myself because I did not fail. Congrats to me.I will be proud of myself eventhough I have got low marks. That’s the spirit.

Being positive always-
Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I am possible.How true this is.I will always keep my cool head and look forward to everything in this world.How can we be positive if I am going to die?You have the right to ask.You have got to live the days up until now.You have to be very thankful for it.You should not whine about it.You should be happy and spread the happiness to others.If you have a bucket list to do, do it.You will feel joyful.The time will pass for the good.That’s the spirit.

The Life, the creator has given us is very simple
-We should always live a life of simplicity.Our life is simple and it must be simplified.It should not be complicated for any silly reason.For instance, take Gayathri.She has lived her life to the fullest.Whether it is storm, she always keeps her cool.Her father was suffering from cancer.She did not shake a leg.She was of the opinion, that the disease has attacked her father.What they shall do except undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatment.She took the news with a pinch of salt.That’s the spirit.

I will repeat the above three as a mantra every day. You will see good like me.I have always been a pessimist but when I learnt the importance of being optimistic, I embraced it.What is the point in sulking, it is not going to do any good to us?If you say it is going to do you any good, then I will drop my point otherwise always be positive, compliment yourself because the life we are living is very simple.

Below are the list of things that make me celebrate life every moment.

  • Eating the food my mother has made with love.
  • Going to the grocery shop to buy things
  • Helping my sister
  • Taking the washed clothes to the balcony to dry it
  • Watching my favorite TV show with my family
  • Doing crafts
  • Talking to my relatives
  • Reading and reviewing books, etc.

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