Theirs is a #willofsteel story

Let me start with a moral story, There is a house owner who gave his house key to his neighbor before leaving town. He gave him the key only because of some emergency reasons. But the greedy neighbor took advantage of this and sold some of the home appliances in the shop. When the house owner returned to his house after a month has passed, he was shocked to find his things missing. He asked the neighbor about this and the lousy neighbor said lethargically, “You gave me the house key, I took care of your home. That’s it.I am not responsible for the things that has gone missing”.Now the house owner can’t go to the police also for the mistake was his.He was ashamed. So what else he can do? He has to keep a distance from his neighbour or shift his house.This is the easiest solution, isn’t it? He has learnt his neighbor was the one who stole his things.He cannot point a finger at him even though considering his heavy loss. Here i want to stress the relationship between the neighbor and the house owner.It is not smooth as silk.The neighour should have had the courtesy to look after the belongings just like his own.But he didn’t.He rather stole.The full blame is on the neighbor.

Why did he steal?The way he has taken the things implies as if the house was his.What is the reason?.He wants to claim ownership to things that are not his which is totally abominable. The moral of the story is “Never trust a man or a woman no matter how long you have known or how close you two have been”.

These people trusted a stranger and was saved eventually

Mamta Rawat stood to differ despite her poverty.She is a 24 years old, young woman, not even considering the fact that her house was destroyed in the flood, she undertakes a journey to help hundreds of children and tourists during the calamity in Uttarakhand, India.I want to congratulate her for her humble bravery.Her house is gone. She has nothing left. She must be full of worries. Yet, she kept everything aside and began to save 500 people. Kudos to her. She is one of the will of steel woman I have ever known. Glad, I was given the opportunity to know her and I wish I was given the opportunity to meet her too.No wonder, this woman has become a star.

Nirbhaya who trusted strangers and was gang raped eventually

When I heard about the Delhi Gang rape , I was full of rage with anger.It is not that it is the only rape that occurred in Delhi.Each day some girl/girls is/are being raped by men in the city.That is why the city’s pet name is Rape city.Women are not safe in India.It is a fact.But a woman has more chance of getting raped if she is in Delhi.I was devastated when I learnt about the disturbing news.I prayed for the girl.My whole family prayed for her.We wanted the culprits to be given death penalty as a Christian I am talking..Even the minor should be given death penalty, we wished.That wish wasn’t granted neither my wish of Nirbhaya getting well soon. God has taken her. I hope she is safe there.Today, her parents, Badri and Asha Singh Pandey’s courage must be applauded with a loud thunder of claps.I suppose no rape victims parents has had this courage before. This will indeed help the other rape victims to come forward and be brave and be normal.

There are two sides to a story.I hope the above two stories about trust have enlightened you in a good way.Now vote for them by following this link

I’m voting for Mamta Rawat and Badri, Asha Singh Pandey’s #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help them get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.


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