Rajma vs Upma

From the look of it, this video has been made fantastically.I did give this ad centum for its wonderful video capturing. There are two couples. One is a north Indian and the other one is a south Indian.Both have brought foods. If one is upma, other one is Rajma.Who is going to win in the battle of food? Finally, when they have placed all the foods on the bench, they both take the final one which is a drink, Pepsi. North Indians and south Indians don’t have anything in common except the fact they are both Indians.This ad depicts the competition between them very beautifully.It exposes the healthy competition.

Once the food they have brought with them is lined up, they take out pepsi.It says everything.There is no need for words for further explanation.All Indians favorite drink is Pepsi.The message is clear.The setting of the advertisement is superb.The character selection is more than okay.Then there is the plot, it is the one thing that stands out among all other things.I will confidently say that there is no flaw in the advertisement. It has come out very neatly. What I admired is, when they see the sight of pepsi in both of their hands, they smile.I liked this ad very much at this particular point.Whoever did this ad, needs a huge appreciation, for it has come out fabulous.

Though i am not a fan of ads, i watch it almost always. While watching tv channels, i watch the ads. If i don’t like watching ads, i switch between channel to channel. If you ask me, i watch ads only because i have to otherwise why I would waste my precious time in watching these ads. Even though i don’t prefer watching them, i have a bunch of ads which has inspired me. For instance, the above particular ad.It has got all the potential to impress anyone not only me.

There are many ads such as these in my hit list. Most of us like watching the tv programs rather than watching these ads. These ads help the viewers by choosing their day-to-day products which is a great thing. The innovative ads always have a place in the heart of the consumers as they help them in buying things that they want. It is indeed a lovely experience for them.After seeing the ads on TV, it aids them in buying a product of their choice.No doubt, it is.People buy goods at the shop after considering all the factors including the advertisements almost always.

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