Pepsi Pass Rakhiyega

Watching advertisement is not my thing.I always wondered why the hell we have to watch them.Then our life would not be that exciting, isn’t it?Many products will be introduced now and then, so we have to keep ourself updated.We should not be like someone who hasn’t watched a good, useful advertisement and when he or she goes to the shop, she naively asks the shop owner, Is this a new product introduced in the market?And the shop owner for which he replies, yes, ma’am.This is all stupid.

Eventhough I do not like watching advertisements even a tiny bit, it keeps me updated.It helps me in choosing a product that I need.If I want to know of a new product, should I have to go to shop and ask, Is there any new product introduced today?No, right?That’s why watching ads is not the good idea but a great one.Everybody watches it.Why can’t we watch it too?Advertisements nowadays have geared up and it is so damn fascinating to watch them on screen than television soap operas and movies.No offense.I totally vote for that.Can’t help but agree to it to the fullest.These days the ads have come out so well, that we want to buy each and every product displayed on tv.This is just a compliment I give for Tv ads.

Look at the above promising advertisement.It has two men who are by the way drinking one bottle of pepsi.The first men drinks fast and tries to grab the second one’s drink.That is when the second one too grabs his bottle and succeeds in drinking the bottle.The first one disappointed goes near refrigerator and opens the door.We see lot of pepsi bottles being kept there.Then a great massive idea pops into his mind which is to keep the refrigerator in the room they were watching TV .Both like the idea. They start watching TV without any interruption.Thanks to the refrigerator being kept near them.Now they don’t have to go to the other room to fetch pepsi.Such a lovely advertisement.

More advertisements such as these should be produced.More consumers have to come forward to capture a video with their favourite product.This way, it saves lot of trouble.No body has to be worried about whether the ad is genuine.As far as I can say, it is the best method.Hats off to the producers who produced this ad.They have done justice to it without a doubt.

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