That’s the spirit

Why celebrate special occasions and big festivals when we can celebrate life everyday.Can’t we celebrate each and every moment we spend on this earth?We may see some drawbacks fewer times on our path but it’s not like the world is going to end.We can celebrate life everyday like nothing bad has every happened. Why not ?Many times, we find pleasure in doing simple things like going to the grocery and cooking food for our family, going to the shop to buy clothes for our family, going to the bank to pay cash for savings account, being contented with our family’s achievement, etc.In my opinion, what are all the things that makes me celebrate life every moment. Read on to find out.

Complimenting myself for everything
-I may have achieved very small but after all I should be proud that I have achieved something.So I will be happy for the fact I achieved it.I will compliment myself and continue to do so for the rest of my life.For instance, I have got high marks in exam, I will compliment myself.Second scenario, I have got low marks in exam, I will compliment myself because I did not fail. Congrats to me.I will be proud of myself eventhough I have got low marks. That’s the spirit.

Being positive always-
Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I am possible.How true this is.I will always keep my cool head and look forward to everything in this world.How can we be positive if I am going to die?You have the right to ask.You have got to live the days up until now.You have to be very thankful for it.You should not whine about it.You should be happy and spread the happiness to others.If you have a bucket list to do, do it.You will feel joyful.The time will pass for the good.That’s the spirit.

The Life, the creator has given us is very simple
-We should always live a life of simplicity.Our life is simple and it must be simplified.It should not be complicated for any silly reason.For instance, take Gayathri.She has lived her life to the fullest.Whether it is storm, she always keeps her cool.Her father was suffering from cancer.She did not shake a leg.She was of the opinion, that the disease has attacked her father.What they shall do except undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatment.She took the news with a pinch of salt.That’s the spirit.

I will repeat the above three as a mantra every day. You will see good like me.I have always been a pessimist but when I learnt the importance of being optimistic, I embraced it.What is the point in sulking, it is not going to do any good to us?If you say it is going to do you any good, then I will drop my point otherwise always be positive, compliment yourself because the life we are living is very simple.

Below are the list of things that make me celebrate life every moment.

  • Eating the food my mother has made with love.
  • Going to the grocery shop to buy things
  • Helping my sister
  • Taking the washed clothes to the balcony to dry it
  • Watching my favorite TV show with my family
  • Doing crafts
  • Talking to my relatives
  • Reading and reviewing books, etc.

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Theirs is a #willofsteel story

Let me start with a moral story, There is a house owner who gave his house key to his neighbor before leaving town. He gave him the key only because of some emergency reasons. But the greedy neighbor took advantage of this and sold some of the home appliances in the shop. When the house owner returned to his house after a month has passed, he was shocked to find his things missing. He asked the neighbor about this and the lousy neighbor said lethargically, “You gave me the house key, I took care of your home. That’s it.I am not responsible for the things that has gone missing”.Now the house owner can’t go to the police also for the mistake was his.He was ashamed. So what else he can do? He has to keep a distance from his neighbour or shift his house.This is the easiest solution, isn’t it? He has learnt his neighbor was the one who stole his things.He cannot point a finger at him even though considering his heavy loss. Here i want to stress the relationship between the neighbor and the house owner.It is not smooth as silk.The neighour should have had the courtesy to look after the belongings just like his own.But he didn’t.He rather stole.The full blame is on the neighbor.

Why did he steal?The way he has taken the things implies as if the house was his.What is the reason?.He wants to claim ownership to things that are not his which is totally abominable. The moral of the story is “Never trust a man or a woman no matter how long you have known or how close you two have been”.

These people trusted a stranger and was saved eventually

Mamta Rawat stood to differ despite her poverty.She is a 24 years old, young woman, not even considering the fact that her house was destroyed in the flood, she undertakes a journey to help hundreds of children and tourists during the calamity in Uttarakhand, India.I want to congratulate her for her humble bravery.Her house is gone. She has nothing left. She must be full of worries. Yet, she kept everything aside and began to save 500 people. Kudos to her. She is one of the will of steel woman I have ever known. Glad, I was given the opportunity to know her and I wish I was given the opportunity to meet her too.No wonder, this woman has become a star.

Nirbhaya who trusted strangers and was gang raped eventually

When I heard about the Delhi Gang rape , I was full of rage with anger.It is not that it is the only rape that occurred in Delhi.Each day some girl/girls is/are being raped by men in the city.That is why the city’s pet name is Rape city.Women are not safe in India.It is a fact.But a woman has more chance of getting raped if she is in Delhi.I was devastated when I learnt about the disturbing news.I prayed for the girl.My whole family prayed for her.We wanted the culprits to be given death penalty as a Christian I am talking..Even the minor should be given death penalty, we wished.That wish wasn’t granted neither my wish of Nirbhaya getting well soon. God has taken her. I hope she is safe there.Today, her parents, Badri and Asha Singh Pandey’s courage must be applauded with a loud thunder of claps.I suppose no rape victims parents has had this courage before. This will indeed help the other rape victims to come forward and be brave and be normal.

There are two sides to a story.I hope the above two stories about trust have enlightened you in a good way.Now vote for them by following this link

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Pepsi Pass Rakhiyega

Watching advertisement is not my thing.I always wondered why the hell we have to watch them.Then our life would not be that exciting, isn’t it?Many products will be introduced now and then, so we have to keep ourself updated.We should not be like someone who hasn’t watched a good, useful advertisement and when he or she goes to the shop, she naively asks the shop owner, Is this a new product introduced in the market?And the shop owner for which he replies, yes, ma’am.This is all stupid.

Eventhough I do not like watching advertisements even a tiny bit, it keeps me updated.It helps me in choosing a product that I need.If I want to know of a new product, should I have to go to shop and ask, Is there any new product introduced today?No, right?That’s why watching ads is not the good idea but a great one.Everybody watches it.Why can’t we watch it too?Advertisements nowadays have geared up and it is so damn fascinating to watch them on screen than television soap operas and movies.No offense.I totally vote for that.Can’t help but agree to it to the fullest.These days the ads have come out so well, that we want to buy each and every product displayed on tv.This is just a compliment I give for Tv ads.

Look at the above promising advertisement.It has two men who are by the way drinking one bottle of pepsi.The first men drinks fast and tries to grab the second one’s drink.That is when the second one too grabs his bottle and succeeds in drinking the bottle.The first one disappointed goes near refrigerator and opens the door.We see lot of pepsi bottles being kept there.Then a great massive idea pops into his mind which is to keep the refrigerator in the room they were watching TV .Both like the idea. They start watching TV without any interruption.Thanks to the refrigerator being kept near them.Now they don’t have to go to the other room to fetch pepsi.Such a lovely advertisement.

More advertisements such as these should be produced.More consumers have to come forward to capture a video with their favourite product.This way, it saves lot of trouble.No body has to be worried about whether the ad is genuine.As far as I can say, it is the best method.Hats off to the producers who produced this ad.They have done justice to it without a doubt.

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Rajma vs Upma

From the look of it, this video has been made fantastically.I did give this ad centum for its wonderful video capturing. There are two couples. One is a north Indian and the other one is a south Indian.Both have brought foods. If one is upma, other one is Rajma.Who is going to win in the battle of food? Finally, when they have placed all the foods on the bench, they both take the final one which is a drink, Pepsi. North Indians and south Indians don’t have anything in common except the fact they are both Indians.This ad depicts the competition between them very beautifully.It exposes the healthy competition.

Once the food they have brought with them is lined up, they take out pepsi.It says everything.There is no need for words for further explanation.All Indians favorite drink is Pepsi.The message is clear.The setting of the advertisement is superb.The character selection is more than okay.Then there is the plot, it is the one thing that stands out among all other things.I will confidently say that there is no flaw in the advertisement. It has come out very neatly. What I admired is, when they see the sight of pepsi in both of their hands, they smile.I liked this ad very much at this particular point.Whoever did this ad, needs a huge appreciation, for it has come out fabulous.

Though i am not a fan of ads, i watch it almost always. While watching tv channels, i watch the ads. If i don’t like watching ads, i switch between channel to channel. If you ask me, i watch ads only because i have to otherwise why I would waste my precious time in watching these ads. Even though i don’t prefer watching them, i have a bunch of ads which has inspired me. For instance, the above particular ad.It has got all the potential to impress anyone not only me.

There are many ads such as these in my hit list. Most of us like watching the tv programs rather than watching these ads. These ads help the viewers by choosing their day-to-day products which is a great thing. The innovative ads always have a place in the heart of the consumers as they help them in buying things that they want. It is indeed a lovely experience for them.After seeing the ads on TV, it aids them in buying a product of their choice.No doubt, it is.People buy goods at the shop after considering all the factors including the advertisements almost always.

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Advertising-Is it a boon or bane?

Advertisements we see them all the time in-between soap operas and movies and whatever program we may be watching we just can’t avoid them except when we are switching from channel to channel. Even if we wish we cannot make them vanish whether we may like it or not.No say, we cannot pause it, forward it, nothing. This is the truth.

Why we have to watch these advertisements? We are not here to watch them for sure.Instead we are here to watch the programs that we love and we are addicted to. Then why the hell they make us to watch the advertisements? Some people love watching these ads, what about the rest? We can’t say a word.I always wondered why we have to watch advertisements.Should we have to pay for them too or it is just free?If my guess is correct, we are paying for advertisements along with the programs we watch on TV.Why we have to pay for watching the advertisements?Can’t we just unsubscribe from it?We can do it.

I totally agree, there will be a new product introduced on the horizon.We can see it on the shop, right?Why should we waste our precious time by watching stupid ads?If you are like me, let’s start a compaign and raise a ticket stating, “No more advertisements on TV Please”.But we have to agree that adequate number of people buy after watching the advertisement.

My take on Maggie oats advertisement Maggie oats noodles advertisement is a marketing extravaganza. Many in the world would have seen such a moving advertisement but the massive trick it has on the viewers is at its peak. Today, everyone wants healthy food because nobody wants to become so fat.That is why Maggie wants to be on the healthy side.By introducing the nutritious food such as Oats, they want to increase the number of consumers. Hence it’s a brilliant move by Nestle. Though the advertisement lacks many core ingredients, the fun quotient was present which is a source of relief.

Madhuri Dixit is wearing clothes that is especially designed for doing exercise. She starts exercising , then encourages her kids to do the same and her whole family is seen exercising.After finishing the exercise she offers the family oats.Ewwww…………………..Who eats oats?This is when Madhurix Dixit shows the family, the ALL NEW MAGGIE OATS.The family becomes joyful with a new found excitement.

This noodle has come as the alternate for Maggie noodles for health reasons. Overall, the ad is okay.Madhuri Dixit is depicted as a mother of two. She does justice to the role. Advertising-a boon or a bane?Let the readers decide.

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