Make them feel loved

When i first got a part time job, i was totally enthusiastic about it.I couldn’t hide my happiness for a sec.I wanted to buy something nice for my mother with my first salary.So i was waiting for the day.When i did get the money, i hardly could imagine not buying anything for my mother.So i went in search of the best products around my city, even online stores and came with a small gift.I got my mother melamine plates and  bedsheets.She was so happy.Ask anyone who has got their first month salary, they will tell you a lot of stories about what they did with their money.They will probably tell you the story of how they got a gift for their parents or siblings.Most of us do this thing.It has become common in all household.

Now look at the plates, how adorable it looks.Seeing the plates for the first time, i was quite unsure whether should i buy it or not because of the bugging if it breaks or if eating food is not healthy in these plates.I was paranoid about the things that a plastic could do.Melamine is not plastic.Thankfully, my doubt is being cleared.After searching lot of products online, i bought this one.It wasn’t that exhausting to be truthful.My mother told me she liked these plates.She asked me if i could buy soup bowls spoon in the same color as the plates and bowl.I said, Why not?But after searching everywhere i couldn’t find soup bowls spoon in green.I became sad.The plates are ,One of a kind’.I agree totally.

Coming to the bedsheets, i have to say i was disappointed with it.When i saw it online, it was of different color and texture and when i bought it, it was an absolutely different one,I was shocked to the fullest.But since my mother said, it is lovelier than the picture we saw online, i was glad i made the decision to buy it.It’s a wonderful gift for our loved ones.No matter how interesting it looks, it has got the looks to grab everyone’s attention.So cute it is!That’s why i bought it.

My mother, she loved both the plates and the bed sheet.She told me she was so proud that i thought of buying for her.Yes, me too.Happy to see her happy.Buying something nice for our dear ones must be the top priority for anyone.Seeing their eyes with so much love, makes our day.Indeed what a gift it is!It cannot be put into words.It can only be felt.Buying more and more gifts doesn’t mean we love them so much.It means we are glad that they are part of our life.It is a way of making them feel loved.

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