I listened

“If you don’t want to study further, you have to get married.There is two option.You choose”This is what my grandmother told me when i completed my Bachelors degree.What shall i do?Already a small drop of tear filled my eyes when they told me this.I was totally confused about what to do.I have finished only B.com, so i won’t get a job that pays more.My grandparents along with my elder cousin sister confronted me only to make me uncomfortable or at least i thought so.

After completing my bachelors degree in a well reputed college, i thought of joining a company.But it doesn’t occur to me, i have done B.Com, not B.E.Obviously, i have to pursue higher studies to get a job that Pays decently.I was dubious about what to do.Marriage, i never thought it of as an escape.To be truthful, i always wanted to marry after i have crossed twenty five years of age.There is no reason for that.It’s just that i wanted to marry once attain maturity.Finally, after considering all the options, i choose to study.I listened to my heart, it said, “Go, Go, girl, study”.Yes, this is the story of how i listened to my heart and chose the right direction.I am happy i did it.

A glimpse into my college Initially, when i joined the college, i worried whether i will be able to adapt to the college because i have quite a reputation for withdrawing from the institution.Not in college days instead in school days.When i was studying in 7th std, i didn’t like that particular school, the teachers to be precise.Thus i told my parents i don’t want to study in this school.My parents tried hard to convince but i decided.Well, this didn’t happen again.Thankfully.I liked this college a lot.It had every facilities a student would ask for.

Internet facility,

Student, teacher’s cafetaria,

Computer lab for every group,

Xerox store,

Park area,

Beautiful Garden,

Student’s rest room, etc

Should i ask for more?No.I am not that greedy.So the above is the story why i liked the college.I made new friends too.This could not have been made possible if i haven’t listened to my heart.My family may say things to convince me, then what am i?Can’t i make my own decision?

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