The taste

Everybody has to eat food to survive in this world.Nobody can say, “I am no fond of food, so i won’t eat”.Survival is same for everyone.Eating is our birth right.Take me for example.I love eating good foods especially if the food is spicy.The taste buds of each of us differ.Like i love spicy food items, some may love sweet & tangy.Those who are passionate about food will know the value of it.There are constant amount of people who beg to feed themselves.We are fortunate to have a good home, family and friends.

There are two categories of food.The food that is good for your health, the food that is bad for your health.Many shops nowadays say they offer quality food that is good for health, but the reliability is being questioned.The food that makes you and your family’s belly happy may not be termed as good food.Why i say like this?I have reasons.There are over seventy five banned ingredients so far.Your food may contain ingredients that is not so good when it comes to your health.So you have to check the things before eating outside.That is why when it comes to your health, organic food is the best food.

Let me say a bit about mysefl.I am always sceptical about food.As i am health conscious myself, i doubt every food i eat.I have mentioned that i love spicy food items.In the food i eat,the spice should be minimum otherwise i will label the food as unhealthy food.I want chilli powder to be added in minimum quantity.Because in my opinion it is not healthy.Moreover, it has the ability to drain our body’s water content.I believe so.Once a person has tasted masala food he or she will have a hard time eating other foods.The same goes to sweet food.One person may love sweet food, other may love spicy junk food.These are no way healthy.We have to be especially careful about what goes to our belly.If we are not healthy who will take care of our family. Our family members should be fed the right amount of nutritious food.

I have learnt Kelloggs corn flakes is the topmost food in the nutritious food list.If you and your family, eat this food, you will never be attacked by any harmful diseases. Guptaji’s Jagah Banane wala nashta made it to my favorite list.I love it.I am going to make this in my home myself because when i read this itself it tastes so good in my mouth what if i made it with my own hands, how will that turn out?Definitely, a knock out.Another recipe of theirs which made it to my list is delicious Nakhare wala nashta but what turns me off is the lengthy making procedure.Any way, Guptaji family is making the food, why would i be upset?I want to go to their house as they have tons of mouth watering recipes.


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