No one can be happy all the time, in the same way, no one can be unhappy all the time.Happiness varies from people to people, situation to situation, surroundings to surroundings, etc.For instance, A has heard a news that his wife has given birth to twins.This brought him happiness.The next moment, his boss calls up and tells him, “You are fired”.I do not have to say what his reaction would be.He will be unhappy and devastated.One thing that makes a particular person happy cannot be said that it can be applied to another person also.For each person is unique with different qualities, each person has his or her own version of happiness. What are all the things that has the ability to make me laugh and be full of joy?Read on.

Getting a call from my favorite relative-Yes, you heard it.I love my relatives so, so much.If it’s not for them, i would be unhappy 50% of the time.Relations shower us with abundant love and affection.If i get a call from my favorite relative, that day will end with a happy note so i can rest in peace.

Doing the household chores-Helping my mother with the household indeed doubles my happiness.I can make the breakfast and dinner.At least, i can prepare chutney for Idli and Dosa.Then bringing the washed clothes from washing machine to put it dry.

Eating pizza and chicken nuggets from my favorite store-There is a store i frequently visit to buy evening tiffin for my whole family.I love chicken nuggets and mini pizza.Really yummy it is.None should miss eating it.I recommend it.You can be anywhere but if you eat chicken nuggets, definitely you will become a fan of it.

Saving money to buy something nice-I am not a spendthrift.I will save the money my father gives me to buy anything either from the online store or from the nearby shop.Anything applies.I have bought watches, home appliances, bedsheets, etc with the saved money..It kinda makes me contented with my life.Live for the day.Enjoy every moment of life.Do not worry about silly things.Save money only to spend it wisely.

My job-I am working as a financial adviser in a well reputed company.It is famous not only in Trichy but also all over south India.Working in week days is not necessary in my company.Two or three days is enough.I will get more time to relax and do not lose touch with my job too.It makes happy for the fact, i have chosen the right job. There are many more things that make me happy.After all, the above are the small things that makes even my friends happy.These are the common things that is experienced by many in this world.Happy people bring happy memories.



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