~Digital India is a boon~

Our prime minister Narendra Modi has laid down e-governance plan for our nation in addition to giving approval for digital India.In my opinion, this is not a joke.It must be applauded by all Indian citizens.This is a good programme to convert our country into digitally empowered society in a better manner.

Cost & future plans The cost of Digital India programme is estimated to be around 1,13,000 crores. Our country will be knowledgeable and there will also be good governance.For all the effort taken by prime minister Narendra Modi, he deserves a loud thunder of applause.He has some great plans which is to synchronize both Central and State Government.

Benefits It is said that this programme will benefit union territories too. The main concept of introducing digital India is to bring government services available to the public through electrical means. This indicates, it will provide more job opportunities which directly helps to reduce the unemployment rate in India.Digital services will be provided in Indian languages also.

The programme will be completed within 2018. How far it is true, only Narendra Modi will know. It is not possible that all teachers, officers, doctors, engineers available in all days.So if Digital India vision is fulfilled, even the remotest areas of the country will have almost all the services available to them on time through broadband services. For instance, a patient is suffering from sickness in a village.There is no doctor available.He has to go to the next village to avail a physician’s service.In this case, he can use digital services to cure his illness.This is the main emphasis for empowering India digitally.

World class education is possible only through digital India.I welcome Digital India with open arms.It is because of digital India, Indians are going to get more opportunties in IT, Banking, Health and communication sectors. It was a surprise to know that Google India has come forward to help Narendra Modi realize the Digital India dream.Empowering India digitally is a serious initiative and it is one of the big challenge to Narendra Modi.

#DigitalIndia http://www.intel.in/


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