Four bundle of joy

Main hero and heroine

I can’t forget the moment i enjoyed myself with my family members.After all, they are my relatives.They care about me.I can’t help but think about the sweet occasions spend with my family.The first occasion is where i celebrated my grandparents golden jubilee.It was full of fun and entertainment.We invited many people to the ceremony.Both distant relatives and close relatives.

My uncle came from abroad.It is because of him we have to delay the jubilee date.Anyhow, we absolutely had a blast.I immersed myself in the grand function with my cousins, uncles and aunts.Who all were present?My grandfather’s sister’s family, my grandmothers sister’s daughters families were present apart from our relatives.As my grandmother’s sister died twenty five years , her daughters joined in to celebrate.

Main hero and heroine’s daughter

My aunt’s silver jubilee

Had a very great time in the function.It was simple and elegant, yet extraordinary.They both shone in their new dress and couldn’t believe they have crossed twenty five years together.It was coo.Many youngsters nowadays marry for namesake then divorce later.My mother says, seriously those days were the best.I agree with her.In my aunt and uncle’s ceremony, we had prayers, mass, then a small get together in the family.We did not invite distant relative.That is only close relatives were invited.We celebrated it for two full days.My niece and nephew danced for the occasion, my sister, that is my aunt and uncle’s elder daughter conducted games.Whoever won the games, were distributed prizes.

Main hero and heroine’s son and grandson

My uncle’s silver jubilee and my brother’s wedding

First my uncle’s wedding.It was conducted in Salem, Sangagiri district.He is a general manager.So people from his office too were invited.We had so many games, dance programs, skit, etc.My second sister, that is my above mentioned aunt and uncle’s elder daughter danced with her sister.Then they played out a fantastic skit.It was an absolute knock-out.From my aunt’s side, they sang songs, played antakchari, etc.The highlight of the function was the introduction of both the family members.From the groom side and the bride side.It was very thoughtful of them.

My brother’s wedding was conducted in chennai.He works abroad.The bride also works abroad in Ontario.After the marraige got over, a grand reception was held in salem, sangagiri district.We showered lots of blessings on my brother and sister-in-law.It was a two days ceremony.As usual, like the above celebration, in this function too there were loads of games conducted, singing competitions, dance competitions, etc.The amazing part was my brother and my sister-in-law were get to play too.We gave one of the best entertainment for them.

I have mentioned not one but four bundle of joy.It just got my life happy to happier.Days like this what makes me love life.


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