New life, New hope

Whose life doesn’t have hurdles once in a while?My life does.I have faced many hindrances in my life.I cannot explain it through mere words.In my opinion, hurdles, troubles and turmoils are a way to refresh one’s life.How many times we get refreshment in our life?We may say plenty but when we allow it?The answer is rarely.We become disappointed with an incident that we do not allow ourselves to move on.We keep pondering over it until our mind had enough.How can we be this sensitive?

There are certain things we really ought to be sensitive and there are certain things we have to put our best foot on and keep moving.We have to be really brave and embrace life with valour.How many times anyone of you got a chance to be happy, instead chose melancholy and cursed your life by sulking?Rarely, isn’t it?This is why starting a new life when we have encountered a failing is important.Let me tell a tale from my own life.

Say, “Yes” to new school life

I was new to this city some twelve years ago.Immediately after arriving i was totally on cloud nine.I cannot hide my pleasure.I felt superb.Then my parents had to put me in this school and i didn’t like the school even a bit.I cried, which i already mentioned in another post, then my parents had to get Transfet certificate and put me in another school.The things is I did not like any school.For my parents sake, i said ok and entered this new school.Eventually I learnt, now my parents are there to support me, in future who will.This was the reason why i started a new life and put my old life in the garbage tin.

Say, “Yes” to new job life

I was studying in in a reputed college, then a company arrived to hire students for a job position at their company.I was dubious whether to go for it or remain where i am.My father also did not support me.So should i go for it or not?Inky Pinky Ponky.I am not sure.My mother told me to go for it because i have the courtesy to support my education and stand on my own feet.No need to depend on my father for every silly thing.I can pay money if i need to buy something urgent.Everything worked out in my favour.I got the job and got my salary.I once again started a new life with my new job.

The above two moments i can never forget in my life.It’s my unforgettable history.When i think about it, how did i change, i was this fearful person, for everything i depend on my parents.How i learned to depend on myself.The feeling was wonderful.

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