Happy baby

Indeed a dry baby is a happy baby.In my house, there are no babies.So i did like to share my thoughts on my niece and nephew.I love them both.They are my elder sister’s son and daughter.As far as i know, they have grown up so much and they would like to fight among each other.

When my niece was small(she is first born), she was a very quiet baby.She was quite in the sense, she never made silly noises, shouted or did crazy things.It’s just the opposite for my nephew.He always made some noises, played with everybody’s hair, licked the hand of everyone who carries him.The worst part was once, he passed urine on my dress when i carried him.I blame it on my sister.Why she didn’t wear him pampers that time.She, usually used pampers but that day she didn’t.As he took bath, just a few minutes ago, she didn’t wear him pampers.I guess this must be the reason.Now let us hear what are all the things that made my little ones happy.


Whenever my aunt, their grandma switches on the TV, they will love hearing songs.They will dance to the tunes.Jump with craziness.My sister wouldn’t be able to stop them.Both of them grew up listening to the songs.

Play with TV remote

One thing that made my niece happy and shout with joy is playing with the TV remote.She just loves it.Nobody will be able to stop her once she started playing with it.

Play with toys

Which babies does not love to play with toys?My niece and nephew both loved to play toys.My niece will play silently while my nephew plays loudly.He screams, makes noises, no one will be able to control him.But both of them have one thing in common.They love to play independent.They will make sure, they disturb none.

Play with bed sheets

Love playing with bed sheets.They like to get the sheets out and stand on it, rotate it, crush it and do all that nonsense.Due to this reason my aunt will remove the sheets for good.It will save the bed sheets from washing million times.

Spreading out the newspapers

All the newspapers will be kept on the hall table.They will take one paper after another and play with it, tear it, crush it and do whatever they like.My sister will leave them as they are, as her household chores will get disturbed.

Bite the toys

I have seen almost all children bite the toys.I see no wrong in that.My nephew and niece did this all the time whenever they were in the playing mood.Morning my sister will put all the play toys in front of them so that they play and she can do her work peacefully.


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