My life turned out for the best

I have three favorite stories in which i share how i was disappointed with myself and lost my optimism and also found it within a short span of time.

Incident #1

When I was studying in school-

“See, I have barely studied upto 12th standard.At least you all have the opportunity tolearn.Don’t miss out.You will feel sorry very soon”.

“No. I won’t.I will not feel sorry.Don’t force me to go to school.”I cried.

I so wanted to drop out of school.I didn’t want to suffer in the class.I expected it to be fun but which school was fun in my days?I was forced to learn in a very strict school.Not to mention, the teachers were strict too.I can’t explain my anger.

As we transferred to this city,because of my father, they put me in this particular school which i did not like even a bit.Well, eventually, i dropped out of school.One year wasted.I was full of pessimism.Then somehow i managed to collect myself.I didn’t want to waste a single second.I asked my parents to put in the best school with new found optimism.Glad i did.

Incident #2

How my father disagreed me going to the job?

“Don’t rush into going to the job,You have barely completed one year of college.Wait for two more years.You will get the job of your dreams.This may turned out to be a bogus company”.

“No, it’s not a bogus company.I know it.The college is only sending me”

“It’s up to you to decide.They may not pay salary on time.Think about it”

My father tried to convince me into not going to work.But i stood my ground and embraced the unknown territory with boldness.

Before joining as a Medical Transcriptionist-I was studying in Holy Cross College, Trichy.Itwas my second year.Even before finishing my course, i wanted to work part time and earn some money.It will give me the kind of support i longed for.So this specific company came to my college and they asked students who wanted to work part time.Out of twenty four students who came to the interview, two were selected.One of them is me.Who would have thought i would get selected?I didn’t.After getting selected my optimism popped out.Myfuture is indeed very bright.

Incident #3

What my mother told?

“Blogging is a waste of time”

“No, it’s not a waste of time,I am able to learn new and new things.I am able to earn goodbooks.What else can i say”

Blogging changed me totally-When i discovered some awesome blogs in the year 2013, i was full of optimism.I was somehow attracted towards it.I wanted to open a blog too.What blog should I start?Personal blog or Book review blog.I chose the latter.

Initially, there were no followers.I was worried about my blog. How to increase traffic was my main problem.That I did not know about the blog directory at all.Later on, when I learnt about it, i was so, so much happier.I can’t explain happiness with words because I discovered book blogs in which I got many followers for my blog as well as an accelerated traffic.I was totally on cloud nine.

Despite all odds, my life at this point is full of optimism.Nothing can stop me.Optimism is not something hard to get.I have learnt that if I am able to control my negative attitudes surely my life will be full of optimism.Pessimism out, optimism in.

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