My family, my pride

I can not say how my life was ten years ago.I always had this great fear in me.I know i am disappointing everyone in my family but i can’t help it.I was studying in seventh std in a reputed school, Trichy.This is when i cried my heart out and told my parents, “I don’t like the teachers” that i will not study in this school.I begged them to change it. As my father was working in a bank, we had to transfer to places very often.This is how it happened.We came to Trichy from Jayamkondam hoping me and my sister could get better education.And my parents were right.It was a great city in terms of education.But unlike other children going to school, i was different.I was petrified of going to the new school so each day i lied to my parents being sick.

They, not able to tolerate me anymore, took me to a doctor, and got me some medicines which will ultimately cure my anxiety.Then after going for school about two more months, i stopped going to school.I made my parents worry so much.Everyone in my family came to our house to convince me but i didn’t get convinced.One year fully i wasted. The next year, i learned my mistake and my parents put me into a new school.I was afraid at first and what else can a ex-school dropout has a say in this.My parents helped with everything.I have to really thank them for being so supportive to me.This day i recall if i didn’t go to school, how would my life would have possibly turned out.I can’t think for a second.

The list of family members who helped me in my journey to school

My loving father-If my father wasn’t there in the first place, i feel my life would have turned dramatically a big joke.He was the one who taught me every day the importance of going to school.When i grow up, how i will learn to depend on myself and not anyone else.He asked me to rethink my decision each day.

My caring mother-There is one person who was not able to tolerate me was my mother.She used some techniques to get me into going to school.Everything failed.Then she invited my grandmother to scold me.She did a very great job in doing so.My mother is a housewife who has completed only upto 12th grade.So she kept on educating about what it feels like to be uneducated.Hats off to her for teaching me values.

My understanding school correspondent who is by the way a distant relative-I was a bit behind in doing home works.So i was afraid what will the teachers say.So my correspondent arranged teachers to help me out and told me, it is only for few days.After that, i have to be self-reliant.Glad he was there.

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