Make them feel loved

When i first got a part time job, i was totally enthusiastic about it.I couldn’t hide my happiness for a sec.I wanted to buy something nice for my mother with my first salary.So i was waiting for the day.When i did get the money, i hardly could imagine not buying anything for my mother.So i went in search of the best products around my city, even online stores and came with a small gift.I got my mother melamine plates and  bedsheets.She was so happy.Ask anyone who has got their first month salary, they will tell you a lot of stories about what they did with their money.They will probably tell you the story of how they got a gift for their parents or siblings.Most of us do this thing.It has become common in all household.

Now look at the plates, how adorable it looks.Seeing the plates for the first time, i was quite unsure whether should i buy it or not because of the bugging if it breaks or if eating food is not healthy in these plates.I was paranoid about the things that a plastic could do.Melamine is not plastic.Thankfully, my doubt is being cleared.After searching lot of products online, i bought this one.It wasn’t that exhausting to be truthful.My mother told me she liked these plates.She asked me if i could buy soup bowls spoon in the same color as the plates and bowl.I said, Why not?But after searching everywhere i couldn’t find soup bowls spoon in green.I became sad.The plates are ,One of a kind’.I agree totally.

Coming to the bedsheets, i have to say i was disappointed with it.When i saw it online, it was of different color and texture and when i bought it, it was an absolutely different one,I was shocked to the fullest.But since my mother said, it is lovelier than the picture we saw online, i was glad i made the decision to buy it.It’s a wonderful gift for our loved ones.No matter how interesting it looks, it has got the looks to grab everyone’s attention.So cute it is!That’s why i bought it.

My mother, she loved both the plates and the bed sheet.She told me she was so proud that i thought of buying for her.Yes, me too.Happy to see her happy.Buying something nice for our dear ones must be the top priority for anyone.Seeing their eyes with so much love, makes our day.Indeed what a gift it is!It cannot be put into words.It can only be felt.Buying more and more gifts doesn’t mean we love them so much.It means we are glad that they are part of our life.It is a way of making them feel loved.

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I listened

“If you don’t want to study further, you have to get married.There is two option.You choose”This is what my grandmother told me when i completed my Bachelors degree.What shall i do?Already a small drop of tear filled my eyes when they told me this.I was totally confused about what to do.I have finished only, so i won’t get a job that pays more.My grandparents along with my elder cousin sister confronted me only to make me uncomfortable or at least i thought so.

After completing my bachelors degree in a well reputed college, i thought of joining a company.But it doesn’t occur to me, i have done B.Com, not B.E.Obviously, i have to pursue higher studies to get a job that Pays decently.I was dubious about what to do.Marriage, i never thought it of as an escape.To be truthful, i always wanted to marry after i have crossed twenty five years of age.There is no reason for that.It’s just that i wanted to marry once attain maturity.Finally, after considering all the options, i choose to study.I listened to my heart, it said, “Go, Go, girl, study”.Yes, this is the story of how i listened to my heart and chose the right direction.I am happy i did it.

A glimpse into my college Initially, when i joined the college, i worried whether i will be able to adapt to the college because i have quite a reputation for withdrawing from the institution.Not in college days instead in school days.When i was studying in 7th std, i didn’t like that particular school, the teachers to be precise.Thus i told my parents i don’t want to study in this school.My parents tried hard to convince but i decided.Well, this didn’t happen again.Thankfully.I liked this college a lot.It had every facilities a student would ask for.

Internet facility,

Student, teacher’s cafetaria,

Computer lab for every group,

Xerox store,

Park area,

Beautiful Garden,

Student’s rest room, etc

Should i ask for more?No.I am not that greedy.So the above is the story why i liked the college.I made new friends too.This could not have been made possible if i haven’t listened to my heart.My family may say things to convince me, then what am i?Can’t i make my own decision?

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The taste

Everybody has to eat food to survive in this world.Nobody can say, “I am no fond of food, so i won’t eat”.Survival is same for everyone.Eating is our birth right.Take me for example.I love eating good foods especially if the food is spicy.The taste buds of each of us differ.Like i love spicy food items, some may love sweet & tangy.Those who are passionate about food will know the value of it.There are constant amount of people who beg to feed themselves.We are fortunate to have a good home, family and friends.

There are two categories of food.The food that is good for your health, the food that is bad for your health.Many shops nowadays say they offer quality food that is good for health, but the reliability is being questioned.The food that makes you and your family’s belly happy may not be termed as good food.Why i say like this?I have reasons.There are over seventy five banned ingredients so far.Your food may contain ingredients that is not so good when it comes to your health.So you have to check the things before eating outside.That is why when it comes to your health, organic food is the best food.

Let me say a bit about mysefl.I am always sceptical about food.As i am health conscious myself, i doubt every food i eat.I have mentioned that i love spicy food items.In the food i eat,the spice should be minimum otherwise i will label the food as unhealthy food.I want chilli powder to be added in minimum quantity.Because in my opinion it is not healthy.Moreover, it has the ability to drain our body’s water content.I believe so.Once a person has tasted masala food he or she will have a hard time eating other foods.The same goes to sweet food.One person may love sweet food, other may love spicy junk food.These are no way healthy.We have to be especially careful about what goes to our belly.If we are not healthy who will take care of our family. Our family members should be fed the right amount of nutritious food.

I have learnt Kelloggs corn flakes is the topmost food in the nutritious food list.If you and your family, eat this food, you will never be attacked by any harmful diseases. Guptaji’s Jagah Banane wala nashta made it to my favorite list.I love it.I am going to make this in my home myself because when i read this itself it tastes so good in my mouth what if i made it with my own hands, how will that turn out?Definitely, a knock out.Another recipe of theirs which made it to my list is delicious Nakhare wala nashta but what turns me off is the lengthy making procedure.Any way, Guptaji family is making the food, why would i be upset?I want to go to their house as they have tons of mouth watering recipes.


No one can be happy all the time, in the same way, no one can be unhappy all the time.Happiness varies from people to people, situation to situation, surroundings to surroundings, etc.For instance, A has heard a news that his wife has given birth to twins.This brought him happiness.The next moment, his boss calls up and tells him, “You are fired”.I do not have to say what his reaction would be.He will be unhappy and devastated.One thing that makes a particular person happy cannot be said that it can be applied to another person also.For each person is unique with different qualities, each person has his or her own version of happiness. What are all the things that has the ability to make me laugh and be full of joy?Read on.

Getting a call from my favorite relative-Yes, you heard it.I love my relatives so, so much.If it’s not for them, i would be unhappy 50% of the time.Relations shower us with abundant love and affection.If i get a call from my favorite relative, that day will end with a happy note so i can rest in peace.

Doing the household chores-Helping my mother with the household indeed doubles my happiness.I can make the breakfast and dinner.At least, i can prepare chutney for Idli and Dosa.Then bringing the washed clothes from washing machine to put it dry.

Eating pizza and chicken nuggets from my favorite store-There is a store i frequently visit to buy evening tiffin for my whole family.I love chicken nuggets and mini pizza.Really yummy it is.None should miss eating it.I recommend it.You can be anywhere but if you eat chicken nuggets, definitely you will become a fan of it.

Saving money to buy something nice-I am not a spendthrift.I will save the money my father gives me to buy anything either from the online store or from the nearby shop.Anything applies.I have bought watches, home appliances, bedsheets, etc with the saved money..It kinda makes me contented with my life.Live for the day.Enjoy every moment of life.Do not worry about silly things.Save money only to spend it wisely.

My job-I am working as a financial adviser in a well reputed company.It is famous not only in Trichy but also all over south India.Working in week days is not necessary in my company.Two or three days is enough.I will get more time to relax and do not lose touch with my job too.It makes happy for the fact, i have chosen the right job. There are many more things that make me happy.After all, the above are the small things that makes even my friends happy.These are the common things that is experienced by many in this world.Happy people bring happy memories.

~Digital India is a boon~

Our prime minister Narendra Modi has laid down e-governance plan for our nation in addition to giving approval for digital India.In my opinion, this is not a joke.It must be applauded by all Indian citizens.This is a good programme to convert our country into digitally empowered society in a better manner.

Cost & future plans The cost of Digital India programme is estimated to be around 1,13,000 crores. Our country will be knowledgeable and there will also be good governance.For all the effort taken by prime minister Narendra Modi, he deserves a loud thunder of applause.He has some great plans which is to synchronize both Central and State Government.

Benefits It is said that this programme will benefit union territories too. The main concept of introducing digital India is to bring government services available to the public through electrical means. This indicates, it will provide more job opportunities which directly helps to reduce the unemployment rate in India.Digital services will be provided in Indian languages also.

The programme will be completed within 2018. How far it is true, only Narendra Modi will know. It is not possible that all teachers, officers, doctors, engineers available in all days.So if Digital India vision is fulfilled, even the remotest areas of the country will have almost all the services available to them on time through broadband services. For instance, a patient is suffering from sickness in a village.There is no doctor available.He has to go to the next village to avail a physician’s service.In this case, he can use digital services to cure his illness.This is the main emphasis for empowering India digitally.

World class education is possible only through digital India.I welcome Digital India with open arms.It is because of digital India, Indians are going to get more opportunties in IT, Banking, Health and communication sectors. It was a surprise to know that Google India has come forward to help Narendra Modi realize the Digital India dream.Empowering India digitally is a serious initiative and it is one of the big challenge to Narendra Modi.


Four bundle of joy

Main hero and heroine

I can’t forget the moment i enjoyed myself with my family members.After all, they are my relatives.They care about me.I can’t help but think about the sweet occasions spend with my family.The first occasion is where i celebrated my grandparents golden jubilee.It was full of fun and entertainment.We invited many people to the ceremony.Both distant relatives and close relatives.

My uncle came from abroad.It is because of him we have to delay the jubilee date.Anyhow, we absolutely had a blast.I immersed myself in the grand function with my cousins, uncles and aunts.Who all were present?My grandfather’s sister’s family, my grandmothers sister’s daughters families were present apart from our relatives.As my grandmother’s sister died twenty five years , her daughters joined in to celebrate.

Main hero and heroine’s daughter

My aunt’s silver jubilee

Had a very great time in the function.It was simple and elegant, yet extraordinary.They both shone in their new dress and couldn’t believe they have crossed twenty five years together.It was coo.Many youngsters nowadays marry for namesake then divorce later.My mother says, seriously those days were the best.I agree with her.In my aunt and uncle’s ceremony, we had prayers, mass, then a small get together in the family.We did not invite distant relative.That is only close relatives were invited.We celebrated it for two full days.My niece and nephew danced for the occasion, my sister, that is my aunt and uncle’s elder daughter conducted games.Whoever won the games, were distributed prizes.

Main hero and heroine’s son and grandson

My uncle’s silver jubilee and my brother’s wedding

First my uncle’s wedding.It was conducted in Salem, Sangagiri district.He is a general manager.So people from his office too were invited.We had so many games, dance programs, skit, etc.My second sister, that is my above mentioned aunt and uncle’s elder daughter danced with her sister.Then they played out a fantastic skit.It was an absolute knock-out.From my aunt’s side, they sang songs, played antakchari, etc.The highlight of the function was the introduction of both the family members.From the groom side and the bride side.It was very thoughtful of them.

My brother’s wedding was conducted in chennai.He works abroad.The bride also works abroad in Ontario.After the marraige got over, a grand reception was held in salem, sangagiri district.We showered lots of blessings on my brother and sister-in-law.It was a two days ceremony.As usual, like the above celebration, in this function too there were loads of games conducted, singing competitions, dance competitions, etc.The amazing part was my brother and my sister-in-law were get to play too.We gave one of the best entertainment for them.

I have mentioned not one but four bundle of joy.It just got my life happy to happier.Days like this what makes me love life.

Foodie lovers , this is one country dish you can’t miss

Singaporean food, when i say this itself it makes a great impact on me.My mouth waters to the tune of the food.The lovely dishes made with innovation makes it a stand alone dish than our country dishes. How many times have we eaten a dish and felt it could have been made different?What are we looking for exactly is Singaporean food.These are the food we can’t live without.If we eat the food one time, we will devour the food life time.

meme Many oversees visitors need some suggestion regarding what to eat when they pay a visit to Singapore.Though i have not visited the country personally, i have eaten some great dish made by Singaporeans.Let me pen down my thoughts on what food i liked.I tell it frankly, My appetite without singapore food makes it impossible for me to live.I am in the opinion all the Indian food we eat is a derivation of Singaporean food.Is it true?It feels like it.

Plump Prawn masala


Does somebody say i don’t like prawns?If so, i ask you to skip reading.But this is one of the best dish i have eaten so far..Making this dish is very simple and easy.It takes just one and a half hour to make this dish.I will say how to make it step by step.


Plump Prawns-1 cup

Ginger garlic paste-1/2 table spoon

Tomato puree-1/2 cup

Chopped onions-1/2 cup

Chilli powder-1/2 table spoon

Salt to taste.

How to make?

1)Marinate the prawn with ginger garlic paste, chilli powder, tomato puree and salt for half an hour.

2)Heat the pan.

3)Pour oil.

4)Put the marinated prawns inside the pan after frying the chopped onions.

5)Close the lid.

6)After 45 minutes have passed, open the lid to see if it’s cooked.

7)Take the dish out and serve hot. Now Plump, delicious prawn masala is ready to eat. Does this dish sound like lot of work?No, right?Make this dish at your home and tell me if you liked it.


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