The hidden

Schools and college bus noises filled the neighborhood.Everyone was occupied with their own chores.The sky was dark, it may or may not rain today.As the rainy season is going to begin, the people are ready for anything.Just two days ago, it was completely a different news.In second cross, No.321, Amutham villa, two people had died in a car accident.A not so old lady and a man about forty five years.They had one daughter whose name is Preetha.The half of neighborhood rushed to their house before the news got to their family .

What is preetha going to do?Who is going to take care of her from now on?These two major questions were asked by each one of them.The family members arrived late.After they had finished crying, they asked Preetha whether she is going to live in her grandparents house.She controlled her anger and cries, she calmly replied them all, “Yes, indeed”.From their house, she will be pursuing her higher studies.

“Hey, Preetha!How are you?Haven’t seen you in years.How is your grandparents?Are they well?”asked her old friend, Sharmi.

“Yeah!We are all fine.I have finished my 12th grade.So we thought it is best for us to shift here for further studies.No one resides in my house, right.Why not we occupy it?”replied Preetha.

“Hmmm!I agree with you ”told Sharmi.

“Okay, bye.I gotta go.I have to prepare for my medical entrance test.See you soon”Preetha hurried with her bicycle.

“Wow.Are you going to study medicine?Great. If you told me when you were in our street, i wouldn’t have believed.Anyway, all the best.Take care.”Sharmi said goodbye to her.

Three years had passed since her parents died.She faked her smile while she was talking so that people wouldn’t notice her .People who knew her was sorry for her even though they didn’t fully show it on their face.Others asked about her parents.She would hide her sadness beneath a smile and reply, “They are dead”.When she said, she put up her best disguise.After all, humans are experts at hiding.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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