A good night sleep to the world’s naughtiest baby

When i was small, i used to be a very very naughty child.Seriously, my mother can’t put it into words.Then imagine how naughty i was.For instance, i will never sleep and also not let my mother sleep.She now tells me.There is one particular thing that distracted me from sleeping sound.It was the window.The lights from the outside can be seen inside.My mother has to close the doors and windows, then only i will sleep otherwise i will never sleep and make my parents also wake up from their sleep.What are all the things that my mother did to make me sleep?Read the article to find out.It is as told by my mother.

Sing songs

Honestly, she will start singing right after i ate.When i was about one year old, she will put me in a crib and swing it.That time, handling me was a lot easier.I barely cried.The task was a great relief to my mother.She got time to relax too.When i grew up a little, my mother faced lot of troubles from my side.She has to sing songs daily to make me sleep well.Moreover, the window must be closed.I will not sleep unless it is closed.

Play games

An active child has an active mind.Know one knows it better than my mother.This was a great trick that my mother used on me.I played games such as hide and seek inside the house itself, then run faster to catch my sister(I don’t remember what game it was), and how do i ever forget, throwing the ball.When i was below one year, my mother played with me along with some other play dolls that she put it in the crib.

Tell stories in between dinner

Whose children does not love stories?I loved it.I was dying to listen to the moral stories that my mother was telling me every night when she used to feed me.I was a total fan of my mother.

Watch cartoons

My mother tells me all afternoons, she has to somehow put me into sleep 100%.So she will make me watch cartoons.In the middle of watching, she will switch off the TV.Why?By that time, i would have slept.My mother will do whatever household chores is pending at that period.

I was a very special child, she has to take care of me maturely.When my sister was born, i became lonely.She has to take care of my sister also.Thus, my mother sent me to play school.Every time i went there, i cry.When returning from play school, all i did was smiling. Those days, diapers were not that famous.So, cloth only.When babies wet, the cloth will be replaced by another cloth.My mother used cloth for me and my sister.How frustrating the task at hand must be for my mother?I salute to her.

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