It’s just a dream

What if i were in a world where i do not have to worry about the future?I am in favor of those who say why we do today what you can put off until tomorrow.But there are very few things on this category.Without a doubt, everyone in this world puts off something to be done in the future.There is no one who does their duty on time.What we forget in the meantime is, when thinking tomorrow i would definitely do, we do not learn from the proverb, “Time waits for none”.

Even if we put something off for tomorrow, like going to the doctor for consultation, visiting a relative’s house,taking the children to a restaurant, it will not hurt anyone to a great extent.If i lived in a world, where there is no constraint? Everyone has their hopes and aspiration high.Why would i be anything different?I am also a human being.What are all the things i would do if there was no constraint?Read for yourself.

I will learn Bharathanatyam

Yes, I am from Tamil Nadu.But???I don’t know how to dance especially Bharathanatyam, Tamil Nadu’s traditional dance.When i was small, i used to learn it.I stayed in the class for about four months.That is all.Why i dropped from the school, the teacher who taught the art was very strict.I don’t remember exactly what happened.This must be it.Now i have grown up and crossed that age of learning the course.If there were no constraints in my life, i would definitely take up this course and become an expert for sure.

I will listen to music on my smart phone

Yes, you heard it.I love listening to music so, so much.I can’t live without my smart phone for this reason.Though i know the disadvantages of using mobile, i will listen to songs maximum two hours a day.If there is no constraint and if there are cell phones with less emitted radiation, what would i probably do?I immerse myself in it 24/7.How cool is that?

I will go shopping

Yes, this can happen unless i had millions and millions of money in my bank account.Yeah, you all have the full right to laugh at me.And what if no such thing as money is needed.No constraints.No one to hold me back.I will go on shopping throughout the day, week, month and year.No complaints.No regrets.

I will sleep all day

“I am sleeping.Don’t talk aloud”.Shit, I am day dreaming.Oh, God!Please grant me this one wish of mine…………I am begging you.If i had no business to do, i will sleep all day.I will be happy, happy, happy.No words to express my joy and excitement.After all, who doesn’t love to sleep?Did i hear someone say that?No way.I won’t believe it.

I will make my loved ones problem vanish

Knock.Knock.Who is crying?Boom.I have a magic band that can vanish everyone’s problem.Yes, i have it.I didn’t want to say it because the time wasn’t right.Can’t this be true?I hope so.If it was true, i would destroy every ones problems and make them enjoy their every single moment on earth.

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