Asus Zenfone is my ideal valentine

I have used many smart phones previously but i feel Asus Zenfone could be my ideal valentine this February(the one month all the lovers across the world love).And why is that.I have millions of reasons for that.Where do i start?I have listed five reasons why i prefer Asus Zenfone not only this valentine but rest of my life.Now read my favorite features on this smart phone. My favorite features on Asus Zenfone-

A) The design It’s so attractive.I have never seen such a lovely design in any other smart phone.It’s not only attractive it has got solid build even though the phone is slender.The phone is unbreakable.No matter how many times it falls down, it does not break.Be careful not to test it.It will not break for the first two to three times.Yet, don’t play just to know whether it’s breakable.

B) Lifelong performance and battery life Asus Zenfone has fantastic performance rate when comparing it to other smartphones.If you have seen, your smart phone may have lower performance rate especially the ones that are sold cheaper in the market.The battery life, let’s agree.It doesn’t last any longer.This is why i love Asus Zenfone.

C) Pocket friendly This feature is not found in all the smart phones.People are fed up of their smart phone falling down from their pocket.As this is one of the major reason, for them to search for a smart phone which is pocket friendly.Asus Zenfone is what they need right now.

D) Flash and megapixel Asus Zenfone’s camera has flash and 8 mega pixel.Rear camera has 8 megapixel and front camera has 2 megapixels.There are smart phones out there which doesn’t have this quality.People have to buy it themselves as a separate add on.How inconvenient it is?Even if more than 8 megapixel is present, flash won’t be there.It’s a major turnoff most of the buyers.

E) It has got Expandable storage up to 64 GB This is the one thing i love the most.Anyone who doesn’t love this feature?Asus Zenfone has expandable storage up to 64 GB.We can store whatever we want.Filmy songs, photos, messages anything.It has got one of the high expandable storage.

F) Other features i love in Asus Zenfone.are Wifi, Bluetooth, touch screen, with the help of micro-USB charging is possible, then number of SIM’s we can insert inside is 2, GPS facillity and java support. My only dislikes- It is revealed that the camera lens is scratch prone.This is a disadvantage.Then there is occassional heat problem.If the persons who is incharge of making this smart phone listen to this , it will be a great relief to all the Asus Zenfone lovers.Overall, after analyzing the advantages and disadvantage, the question, will i buy it?Of course, it’s a big yes.


You can buy Asus Zenfone on Flipkart by following this link,


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