The world remade my way

What if the world i live, one day

Become no more a place of stay

But i am a dreamer

I dream of bettering the place

How many days am i going to live?Where will i go once i die?What will happen to me after that?Is there a heaven and hell?Will i be punished for my silly crimes?Will I be awarded for whatever good deeds I have performed in this world? Who will be there to support my family?Well, all these questions are quite natural.

Ask a man who is on his death bed.He knows the value of life on earth.We wonder about the marvel and beauty of this universe.At the same time, we trash it.Who cares?Many illiterate and ignorant people might say in unison, “I am not going to live in the future”.In connection with this realization, what they make out of it.For this lack of awareness by our own people, a positive difference has to be made by us.How are we going to achieve it.If i were the ruler, what changes i would make?Read on.

1) Let me start with free education for all-No age limitation for free education.Children under fifteen years can utilize the transport at the school premises for free of cost.In government and government aided colleges there must be no education fee.This doesn’t deprive economic advancement of a nation.

2) Free medical facility to all.Health related problems, both minor and major will be taken care of freely by the Government hospitals.The doctors must be paid by the Government itself.

3) Air and water borne diseases must be eliminated from the basic roots.Potable water must be provided to the people who live in villages and slum areas.Awareness must be made in these areas very often.Automobiles that emit pollution must be awarded suitable fine and the government will use these to improve the road infrastructure.

4)The cost of alcohol and cigarettes will be increased to 50 % more.If anyone is found smoking in public places or throwing the waste except on the dustbin, they will be awarded a lump sum fine.It can be used to improve the ambiance of the public places like bus stand, railway station and hospitals and markets

5) Crime rate must be reduced to nil.Value education and moral science must be taught in every schools and colleges.If a student fails in these exams, he/she must not be promoted to the next class.They must be given an option to write these exams in their native language.Values should be stressed upon to bring a hormany and togetherness among the people .

6) Death sentence for rapists and murderers.The case must be heard in a fast track court and if found guilty,they must be awarded severe punishment within a reasonable time.Legal guidance relating to religion must be available to everyone any time freely so as to avoid adding of more and more disputes unnecessarily.

7) Availability of food is to be ascertained and no one should starve in the world.Nutritious food should be available for pregnant ladies and new born babies.Once in six months, government must should arrange doctors to check the health of citizens of the world and ensure their physical and mental health. Malnutrition should be avoided at any cost.

8) Free house to those who don’t own a house.Individual houses/apartments must be built for this sake and must be readily occupied.

9) Children’s play schools and libraries must be built in every city particularly for children under the age of 10.There is no fee charge for utilizing these.The books must be read only in the library.

10) Science and technology must be exploited to the maximum extent for the welfare and well being of the people.Uninterrupted electricity supply must be made possible with using technological advancements like solar power and windmill.Every day the roads must be cleant by Robots not by humans.Clean roads must be made top priority specially in Asian countries like India and china.

11) There must be healthy competition between each city, state and country.India must serve as an example and be known as a country where inside contribution contributes to overall growth of the economy.

12) Small peace clubs consisting of members belonging to various categories should be formed to build up harmony , peacefulness, and tolerance among the people to make this earth worth living for human beings.Life is a happy and plaseant one filled with joy and bliss.

“I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15 “.


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