Love means oneness of two souls

There is always something special about love.This is one thing that can be experienced by anyone.It need not specifically be a couple.A mother-daughter love is also a love.A sister-brother love is also a love.

Whether somebody loves us or we love someone, we express the joy by showing them our attention most of the time and our affection all the time.Love accounts for give and take.In any relationship give and take is a must.It is easier to relate with love.At some point, we all have experienced it, even now it continues for many of us. In a marriage, when we understand the depth of the relationship, we will discover love.Being loved and reciprocating the same means the world to all lovers.It is called true love.

Love is straightforward.It doesn’t have double faces.It simply reacts on gut feeling.The body maybe different.But there is oneness in soul.When we love someone deeply, we get an out of the world experience.It is nothing to fear about.If you ask a mother they will tell , what is the meaning of love so does a father.A sister and a brother may tell it differently whereas a couple of lovers version of love is unique and exciting.

Love is a down-to-earth feeling.It’s not like, “Do you love me?Then i probably will love you”.In the same way, “You don’t love me”, “i also don’t love you”.This is not love.Love is recognition and respect that we have for each other.It is felt, not learnt.

Love is a sheer proof that we are human.It is said that when we truly love someone, we will be able to see the heart of other person very easily. Love is a crazy feeling.It makes the world around us go round and round. I have written a imaginary story about a couple who madly love each other They say love is within us, engraved. Now hear the story of Renu and Karthik whose love story is a fine example to each of us.

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Scene I

“Renu, whered did you keep my tie?I can’t find it”Karthick yelled.

“It’s as usual in the middle shelve in your cupboard”replied Renu.

“No.I can’t see it.Come and show me” Karthick told her.

“Ah!Morning itself you started killing me.I will come and show you.If it’s there i don’t know what i will do”Renu said.

She searched in the cupboard and found the tie to show it to Karthick.

“See, what is this in your dictionary”Renu said angrily.

Afraid of getting this conversation further, Karthick took her face in both his hands and kissed her cheek passionately.Then left the scene.

Scene II

Renu is watching the TV.Karthick arrives from his office.Takes his bath.Changes his dress and comes to watch TV always thinking his loving wife will give the remote.

“Renu, give me the remote”

“Not today, i have a special program to watch.I will give you tomorrow.You do something else.Maybe, watch what you want to watch on your laptop?”

“Sorry,i want the remote now.Give it to me”.

Renu and Karthick fight with each other.Finally, Karthick wins.Renu goes to her room and shuts the door. The next morning, she didn’t speak to Karthick.He, on the other hand, forgot totally about yesterday’s war.He wanted to say,sorry.He was doubtful whether she will accept his apology.

He came in the evening.He bought a lovely gold necklace from Blue stone and kept it in kitchen while Renu was away. When she saw it casually, Renu broke down.Kathick hugged her from behind and kissed her saying, I am sorry.In this way, he expressed his craziest side to her.

When two people are madly in love, they somehow forget about each others mistakes they just did yesterday and welcome tomorrow with a new mindset.

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