Mobile vs Web-Which is the best?


Have a smartphone?Then it’s not that difficult to say what you do with it cause mobile social networking is todays way of staying connected with our friends, our acquaintances and our family.The big question as to how many of us wake up in the morning and pick up our mobile to check messages.The answer would probably be an infinite number of people.Let’s all admit it.We either spend our time mostly on the web or smartphone.How convenient and easy our life has become.Thanks to the inventors .

All day we see messages, visit social media especially facebook and twitter, then like, comment, tweet, share and stalk our friends.We are obsessed with the mobile phone and computer and can’t live without it.It has become a part of our life. Email receiving is the most popular activity on our smartphone.Likewise, we all check the social media throughout the day.Every few hours we check it.When it comes to social networking, time has no limits.

In my life, there is no room for smartphones.I don’t know how my sister chats using that 24/7.WhatsApp is an annoying social media.Everyone of my friends asked me whether i was on that App. Last year, some even said, they saw my first name on whatsapp.I was like, no way, it cannot be me.I don’t know what that means.When i entered my house that day, i asked my sister what is meant by whatsapp?Many people were bragging about it.She then explained it to me and showed it to me on her mobile.Just like my sister cannot live without her cell phone, i can’t live without my laptop.

I have very few chosen friends, so rarely people will text me or call me.Twice a month, i talk to my best friend and she will talk back to me.Since she has a child now, i cannot disturb her.I use my mobile phone for important calls only.Hence for everything i depend on my laptop.As i know the disadvantages of cell phone, i never touch it more than two times a day.Radiation emitted from the mobile is dangerous and the text typing with our fingers using the tiny space will spoil our health without a doubt.This is the reason why i don’t use cell phone.When using the cell phone, we have to be very cautious.We have to keep it on our left ear never in our right year.I don’t know the reason why they say it but there must be a medical reason.

My say.Laptop.Laptop.Laptop.I switch on the laptop every two hours.I check my emails(I have multiple accounts for my personal and official mails separately in gmail and outlook).I visit websites, and social media.That is it.Nothing more.Nothing less.

“I am participating in the #SMWBangalore activity at BlogAdda in association with Social Media Week Bangalore


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