He says, “One love, one life”

“How many times have i told you, Do Not Mess with the TV remote?Don’t you listen to what i just said”Ramesh shouted at his son who was watching TV  without ever blinking hiseye.Hewas fully absorbed by the programme that he was watching.

Nobody will be able to shake him off except his father when he is watching the Idiotbox.Manav’s favorite activity while watching TV is playing with the remote.

“Now put the remote in the right place and switch off the television, Manav???”yelled Ramesh.

“I am sorry. Don’t shout.I will keep it on the table.”said Manav.He did as his father told.

“Manav, Listen to me.Only we both live here.So do not upset me.What other people who live in this apartment will think about us?When you are watching TV, keep the volume tominimum.Do you want the whole world to listen to the sound of our TV”.explained Ramesh.

“Okay, i get it!I won’t do this again” Manav said to his father.

“I don’t know whether you got it or not.I know only this.I have been telling you very often and you are telling me the same answer almost always.Hope, you finally got it.Go study in yourroom.If you have sums to do, call me.”Ramesh told Manav.

Ramesh and his only son live in Yogam Apartments for four years.Since his wife died, five years ago, he thought it would be best for his son who was only 4 years to live in an atmosphere where plenty of people lived.Moreover, the company he was working also in the same place.It was a win-win situation for both of them.

He remembered the days with his wife, Vinitha.They were both newly married.She was crying all the time.He couldn’t console her.It was later in one month, she regained her strength and was able to adopt to her environment.Although, theirs was an arranged marriage, they lived like two inseparable birds who couldn’t get their hands off eachother.Their son was born one year later as their symbol of love.Happiness filled their home.

After two years had passed, Vinitha became seriously ill with something which sounded others like viral fever.It wasn’t fever after all.Vinitha had an unknown disease due to which she got fix and she bit her hand continuously and died in a pool of her own blood when everyone was immersed with their own work.

Ramesh was shattered due to the drastic experience that he saw his wife die a horrible death.Tomorrow is valentine’s day.Who is missing in his life?His valentine.

She was his first love and the last.Everyone in his family told him to remarry but he never did.He would say, She was My first love, let her be my last.No one can take her place.

This is how he convinced his family and her family.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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