The hidden

Schools and college bus noises filled the neighborhood.Everyone was occupied with their own chores.The sky was dark, it may or may not rain today.As the rainy season is going to begin, the people are ready for anything.Just two days ago, it was completely a different news.In second cross, No.321, Amutham villa, two people had died in a car accident.A not so old lady and a man about forty five years.They had one daughter whose name is Preetha.The half of neighborhood rushed to their house before the news got to their family .

What is preetha going to do?Who is going to take care of her from now on?These two major questions were asked by each one of them.The family members arrived late.After they had finished crying, they asked Preetha whether she is going to live in her grandparents house.She controlled her anger and cries, she calmly replied them all, “Yes, indeed”.From their house, she will be pursuing her higher studies.

“Hey, Preetha!How are you?Haven’t seen you in years.How is your grandparents?Are they well?”asked her old friend, Sharmi.

“Yeah!We are all fine.I have finished my 12th grade.So we thought it is best for us to shift here for further studies.No one resides in my house, right.Why not we occupy it?”replied Preetha.

“Hmmm!I agree with you ”told Sharmi.

“Okay, bye.I gotta go.I have to prepare for my medical entrance test.See you soon”Preetha hurried with her bicycle.

“Wow.Are you going to study medicine?Great. If you told me when you were in our street, i wouldn’t have believed.Anyway, all the best.Take care.”Sharmi said goodbye to her.

Three years had passed since her parents died.She faked her smile while she was talking so that people wouldn’t notice her .People who knew her was sorry for her even though they didn’t fully show it on their face.Others asked about her parents.She would hide her sadness beneath a smile and reply, “They are dead”.When she said, she put up her best disguise.After all, humans are experts at hiding.

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A good night sleep to the world’s naughtiest baby

When i was small, i used to be a very very naughty child.Seriously, my mother can’t put it into words.Then imagine how naughty i was.For instance, i will never sleep and also not let my mother sleep.She now tells me.There is one particular thing that distracted me from sleeping sound.It was the window.The lights from the outside can be seen inside.My mother has to close the doors and windows, then only i will sleep otherwise i will never sleep and make my parents also wake up from their sleep.What are all the things that my mother did to make me sleep?Read the article to find out.It is as told by my mother.

Sing songs

Honestly, she will start singing right after i ate.When i was about one year old, she will put me in a crib and swing it.That time, handling me was a lot easier.I barely cried.The task was a great relief to my mother.She got time to relax too.When i grew up a little, my mother faced lot of troubles from my side.She has to sing songs daily to make me sleep well.Moreover, the window must be closed.I will not sleep unless it is closed.

Play games

An active child has an active mind.Know one knows it better than my mother.This was a great trick that my mother used on me.I played games such as hide and seek inside the house itself, then run faster to catch my sister(I don’t remember what game it was), and how do i ever forget, throwing the ball.When i was below one year, my mother played with me along with some other play dolls that she put it in the crib.

Tell stories in between dinner

Whose children does not love stories?I loved it.I was dying to listen to the moral stories that my mother was telling me every night when she used to feed me.I was a total fan of my mother.

Watch cartoons

My mother tells me all afternoons, she has to somehow put me into sleep 100%.So she will make me watch cartoons.In the middle of watching, she will switch off the TV.Why?By that time, i would have slept.My mother will do whatever household chores is pending at that period.

I was a very special child, she has to take care of me maturely.When my sister was born, i became lonely.She has to take care of my sister also.Thus, my mother sent me to play school.Every time i went there, i cry.When returning from play school, all i did was smiling. Those days, diapers were not that famous.So, cloth only.When babies wet, the cloth will be replaced by another cloth.My mother used cloth for me and my sister.How frustrating the task at hand must be for my mother?I salute to her.

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It’s just a dream

What if i were in a world where i do not have to worry about the future?I am in favor of those who say why we do today what you can put off until tomorrow.But there are very few things on this category.Without a doubt, everyone in this world puts off something to be done in the future.There is no one who does their duty on time.What we forget in the meantime is, when thinking tomorrow i would definitely do, we do not learn from the proverb, “Time waits for none”.

Even if we put something off for tomorrow, like going to the doctor for consultation, visiting a relative’s house,taking the children to a restaurant, it will not hurt anyone to a great extent.If i lived in a world, where there is no constraint? Everyone has their hopes and aspiration high.Why would i be anything different?I am also a human being.What are all the things i would do if there was no constraint?Read for yourself.

I will learn Bharathanatyam

Yes, I am from Tamil Nadu.But???I don’t know how to dance especially Bharathanatyam, Tamil Nadu’s traditional dance.When i was small, i used to learn it.I stayed in the class for about four months.That is all.Why i dropped from the school, the teacher who taught the art was very strict.I don’t remember exactly what happened.This must be it.Now i have grown up and crossed that age of learning the course.If there were no constraints in my life, i would definitely take up this course and become an expert for sure.

I will listen to music on my smart phone

Yes, you heard it.I love listening to music so, so much.I can’t live without my smart phone for this reason.Though i know the disadvantages of using mobile, i will listen to songs maximum two hours a day.If there is no constraint and if there are cell phones with less emitted radiation, what would i probably do?I immerse myself in it 24/7.How cool is that?

I will go shopping

Yes, this can happen unless i had millions and millions of money in my bank account.Yeah, you all have the full right to laugh at me.And what if no such thing as money is needed.No constraints.No one to hold me back.I will go on shopping throughout the day, week, month and year.No complaints.No regrets.

I will sleep all day

“I am sleeping.Don’t talk aloud”.Shit, I am day dreaming.Oh, God!Please grant me this one wish of mine…………I am begging you.If i had no business to do, i will sleep all day.I will be happy, happy, happy.No words to express my joy and excitement.After all, who doesn’t love to sleep?Did i hear someone say that?No way.I won’t believe it.

I will make my loved ones problem vanish

Knock.Knock.Who is crying?Boom.I have a magic band that can vanish everyone’s problem.Yes, i have it.I didn’t want to say it because the time wasn’t right.Can’t this be true?I hope so.If it was true, i would destroy every ones problems and make them enjoy their every single moment on earth.

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Asus Zenfone is my ideal valentine

I have used many smart phones previously but i feel Asus Zenfone could be my ideal valentine this February(the one month all the lovers across the world love).And why is that.I have millions of reasons for that.Where do i start?I have listed five reasons why i prefer Asus Zenfone not only this valentine but rest of my life.Now read my favorite features on this smart phone. My favorite features on Asus Zenfone-

A) The design It’s so attractive.I have never seen such a lovely design in any other smart phone.It’s not only attractive it has got solid build even though the phone is slender.The phone is unbreakable.No matter how many times it falls down, it does not break.Be careful not to test it.It will not break for the first two to three times.Yet, don’t play just to know whether it’s breakable.

B) Lifelong performance and battery life Asus Zenfone has fantastic performance rate when comparing it to other smartphones.If you have seen, your smart phone may have lower performance rate especially the ones that are sold cheaper in the market.The battery life, let’s agree.It doesn’t last any longer.This is why i love Asus Zenfone.

C) Pocket friendly This feature is not found in all the smart phones.People are fed up of their smart phone falling down from their pocket.As this is one of the major reason, for them to search for a smart phone which is pocket friendly.Asus Zenfone is what they need right now.

D) Flash and megapixel Asus Zenfone’s camera has flash and 8 mega pixel.Rear camera has 8 megapixel and front camera has 2 megapixels.There are smart phones out there which doesn’t have this quality.People have to buy it themselves as a separate add on.How inconvenient it is?Even if more than 8 megapixel is present, flash won’t be there.It’s a major turnoff most of the buyers.

E) It has got Expandable storage up to 64 GB This is the one thing i love the most.Anyone who doesn’t love this feature?Asus Zenfone has expandable storage up to 64 GB.We can store whatever we want.Filmy songs, photos, messages anything.It has got one of the high expandable storage.

F) Other features i love in Asus Zenfone.are Wifi, Bluetooth, touch screen, with the help of micro-USB charging is possible, then number of SIM’s we can insert inside is 2, GPS facillity and java support. My only dislikes- It is revealed that the camera lens is scratch prone.This is a disadvantage.Then there is occassional heat problem.If the persons who is incharge of making this smart phone listen to this , it will be a great relief to all the Asus Zenfone lovers.Overall, after analyzing the advantages and disadvantage, the question, will i buy it?Of course, it’s a big yes.


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The world remade my way

What if the world i live, one day

Become no more a place of stay

But i am a dreamer

I dream of bettering the place

How many days am i going to live?Where will i go once i die?What will happen to me after that?Is there a heaven and hell?Will i be punished for my silly crimes?Will I be awarded for whatever good deeds I have performed in this world? Who will be there to support my family?Well, all these questions are quite natural.

Ask a man who is on his death bed.He knows the value of life on earth.We wonder about the marvel and beauty of this universe.At the same time, we trash it.Who cares?Many illiterate and ignorant people might say in unison, “I am not going to live in the future”.In connection with this realization, what they make out of it.For this lack of awareness by our own people, a positive difference has to be made by us.How are we going to achieve it.If i were the ruler, what changes i would make?Read on.

1) Let me start with free education for all-No age limitation for free education.Children under fifteen years can utilize the transport at the school premises for free of cost.In government and government aided colleges there must be no education fee.This doesn’t deprive economic advancement of a nation.

2) Free medical facility to all.Health related problems, both minor and major will be taken care of freely by the Government hospitals.The doctors must be paid by the Government itself.

3) Air and water borne diseases must be eliminated from the basic roots.Potable water must be provided to the people who live in villages and slum areas.Awareness must be made in these areas very often.Automobiles that emit pollution must be awarded suitable fine and the government will use these to improve the road infrastructure.

4)The cost of alcohol and cigarettes will be increased to 50 % more.If anyone is found smoking in public places or throwing the waste except on the dustbin, they will be awarded a lump sum fine.It can be used to improve the ambiance of the public places like bus stand, railway station and hospitals and markets

5) Crime rate must be reduced to nil.Value education and moral science must be taught in every schools and colleges.If a student fails in these exams, he/she must not be promoted to the next class.They must be given an option to write these exams in their native language.Values should be stressed upon to bring a hormany and togetherness among the people .

6) Death sentence for rapists and murderers.The case must be heard in a fast track court and if found guilty,they must be awarded severe punishment within a reasonable time.Legal guidance relating to religion must be available to everyone any time freely so as to avoid adding of more and more disputes unnecessarily.

7) Availability of food is to be ascertained and no one should starve in the world.Nutritious food should be available for pregnant ladies and new born babies.Once in six months, government should arrange doctors to check the health of citizens and ensure their physical and mental health. Malnutrition should be avoided at any cost.

8) Free house to those who don’t own a house.Individual houses/apartments must be built for this sake and must be readily occupied.

9) Children’s play schools and libraries must be built in every city particularly for children under the age of 10.There is no fee charge for utilizing these.The books must be read only in the library.

10) Science and technology must be explored to the maximum extent for the welfare and well being of the people.Uninterrupted electricity supply must be made possible with using technological advancements like solar power and windmill.Every day the roads must be cleant by Robots not by humans.Clean roads must be made top priority specially in Asian countries like India and china.

11) There must be healthy competition between each city, state and country.India must serve as an example and be known as a country where inside contribution contributes to overall growth of the economy.

12) Small peace clubs consisting of members belonging to various categories should be formed to build up harmony , peacefulness, and tolerance among the people to make this earth worth living for human beings.Life is a happy and pleasant one filled with joy and bliss.

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Love means oneness of two souls

There is always something special about love.This is one thing that can be experienced by anyone.It need not specifically be a couple.A mother-daughter love is also a love.A sister-brother love is also a love.

Whether somebody loves us or we love someone, we express the joy by showing them our attention most of the time and our affection all the time.Love accounts for give and take.In any relationship give and take is a must.It is easier to relate with love.At some point, we all have experienced it, even now it continues for many of us. In a marriage, when we understand the depth of the relationship, we will discover love.Being loved and reciprocating the same means the world to all lovers.It is called true love.

Love is straightforward.It doesn’t have double faces.It simply reacts on gut feeling.The body maybe different.But there is oneness in soul.When we love someone deeply, we get an out of the world experience.It is nothing to fear about.If you ask a mother they will tell , what is the meaning of love so does a father.A sister and a brother may tell it differently whereas a couple of lovers version of love is unique and exciting.

Love is a down-to-earth feeling.It’s not like, “Do you love me?Then i probably will love you”.In the same way, “You don’t love me”, “i also don’t love you”.This is not love.Love is recognition and respect that we have for each other.It is felt, not learnt.

Love is a sheer proof that we are human.It is said that when we truly love someone, we will be able to see the heart of other person very easily. Love is a crazy feeling.It makes the world around us go round and round. I have written a imaginary story about a couple who madly love each other They say love is within us, engraved. Now hear the story of Renu and Karthik whose love story is a fine example to each of us.

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Scene I

“Renu, whered did you keep my tie?I can’t find it”Karthick yelled.

“It’s as usual in the middle shelve in your cupboard”replied Renu.

“No.I can’t see it.Come and show me” Karthick told her.

“Ah!Morning itself you started killing me.I will come and show you.If it’s there i don’t know what i will do”Renu said.

She searched in the cupboard and found the tie to show it to Karthick.

“See, what is this in your dictionary”Renu said angrily.

Afraid of getting this conversation further, Karthick took her face in both his hands and kissed her cheek passionately.Then left the scene.

Scene II

Renu is watching the TV.Karthick arrives from his office.Takes his bath.Changes his dress and comes to watch TV always thinking his loving wife will give the remote.

“Renu, give me the remote”

“Not today, i have a special program to watch.I will give you tomorrow.You do something else.Maybe, watch what you want to watch on your laptop?”

“Sorry,i want the remote now.Give it to me”.

Renu and Karthick fight with each other.Finally, Karthick wins.Renu goes to her room and shuts the door. The next morning, she didn’t speak to Karthick.He, on the other hand, forgot totally about yesterday’s war.He wanted to say,sorry.He was doubtful whether she will accept his apology.

He came in the evening.He bought a lovely gold necklace from Blue stone and kept it in kitchen while Renu was away. When she saw it casually, Renu broke down.Kathick hugged her from behind and kissed her saying, I am sorry.In this way, he expressed his craziest side to her.

When two people are madly in love, they somehow forget about each others mistakes they just did yesterday and welcome tomorrow with a new mindset.

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Mobile vs Web-Which is the best?


Have a smartphone?Then it’s not that difficult to say what you do with it cause mobile social networking is todays way of staying connected with our friends, our acquaintances and our family.The big question as to how many of us wake up in the morning and pick up our mobile to check messages.The answer would probably be an infinite number of people.Let’s all admit it.We either spend our time mostly on the web or smartphone.How convenient and easy our life has become.Thanks to the inventors .

All day we see messages, visit social media especially facebook and twitter, then like, comment, tweet, share and stalk our friends.We are obsessed with the mobile phone and computer and can’t live without it.It has become a part of our life. Email receiving is the most popular activity on our smartphone.Likewise, we all check the social media throughout the day.Every few hours we check it.When it comes to social networking, time has no limits.

In my life, there is no room for smartphones.I don’t know how my sister chats using that 24/7.WhatsApp is an annoying social media.Everyone of my friends asked me whether i was on that App. Last year, some even said, they saw my first name on whatsapp.I was like, no way, it cannot be me.I don’t know what that means.When i entered my house that day, i asked my sister what is meant by whatsapp?Many people were bragging about it.She then explained it to me and showed it to me on her mobile.Just like my sister cannot live without her cell phone, i can’t live without my laptop.

I have very few chosen friends, so rarely people will text me or call me.Twice a month, i talk to my best friend and she will talk back to me.Since she has a child now, i cannot disturb her.I use my mobile phone for important calls only.Hence for everything i depend on my laptop.As i know the disadvantages of cell phone, i never touch it more than two times a day.Radiation emitted from the mobile is dangerous and the text typing with our fingers using the tiny space will spoil our health without a doubt.This is the reason why i don’t use cell phone.When using the cell phone, we have to be very cautious.We have to keep it on our left ear never in our right year.I don’t know the reason why they say it but there must be a medical reason.

My say.Laptop.Laptop.Laptop.I switch on the laptop every two hours.I check my emails(I have multiple accounts for my personal and official mails separately in gmail and outlook).I visit websites, and social media.That is it.Nothing more.Nothing less.

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