Everything in my life seemed perfect over a year ago.How you ask?I went to a 9AM-6PM job.I woke up early in the morning,bathed, ate breakfast, then picked up a bus , went to office, came at 7PM in the evening, watched TV, ate dinner and went to sleep only to wake up again in the next morning.Doesn’t this sound like perfect??Atleast to me.

I enjoyed my life so much.Then my love entered into the picture.She was all a man could ask for .Any man would die to marry her. She was a gorgeous woman with a brown hair.

Whenever i saw her in the bus, she used to smile at me.I was thrilled and at the same time, a twinge of doubt arose in me.

Was she, usually, smile at everyone like this or only me?But wow, her smile always had an effect.It accelerated my heart beat at a high speed.

Lovely woman, I thought.

Today, she was wearing a beautiful dark blue cotton saree.I wanted to ask her why she was wearing saree.But i couldn’t.Now we have barely spoken to each other.Our friendship is just through our smiles.

I smile.She smiles.

She smiles.I smile.That is it.What more a bachelor like me can ask for?

My guess was wrong.I wanted more.

One fine morning, when i was about to enter the bus, she too tried to enter the bus.Our head dashed.

‘Ouch!I am sorry.I should have seen this’i politely told her.

‘No!It was my mistake,sorry’she replied.

I was a bit overwhelmed.We both entered the bus.I mean, first she entered(There is a saying,Ladies first, Gents last), then i followed suit.

She asked me where i worked, all that chit chat.I asked her what she is doing, she told me she is a dancer at Vidya Balan Bharatha Natyam school.

‘Great!’I shouted in joy and excitement.

‘At first glance, Smita (yup, that’s her name), i wouldn’t have beleived if you told me you were a dancer.Today i believe’I told.

And may i ask, why is that?She cajoled.I liked her tone.It was sweet and sexy.

Sadly, her stop arrived.Our chat ended.

That day i dreamed about Smita and our marriage.We had two children in the dream.We both adored them.

I woke up late in the morning.What if Smita went early in the bus?I felt bad.I cursed myself.

She didn’t come today.Where was she gone?My watch shows the correct time.She must have went in the previous bus.I consoled myself.

The next day

Smita didn’t come today also.Might she be sick?I wondered.

I was not sure what had happened to her but i sensed something wrong because more than a week has passed.I longed to see her smile.When she did, i wanted to propose to her.

Some school girl in the bus was telling her friend about Smita .I eaves dropped.Probably, she was her student.

When she told about Smita ’s death, my heart had stopped by then.

‘Are you speaking about Smita , the Bharatha Natyam dancer?’I stammered.

‘Yes, sir’, she told me.

As if a big rock has fallen on my head, i broke down.

Aaww!I screamed closing my mouth so that nobody in the bus could hear.I wanted to ask the girl all the details about how she died but i don’t have the strength to endure everything.

One year has passed.

Only thing that was mising in my life now was her smile.Will i ever see that smile again?

I hope one day we both would meet each other in heaven and live happily ever after.I put my blind faith on God.

I woke up from the bed, brushed my teeth and began to pack my office bag with lunch.My parents asked why i was sad looking.How can i tell them, it’s my lover’s first death anniversary.I was broken from the inside.I said, “nothing” and went off hurrily.

I came soon from the office not knowing my parents little drama.

“Aakash, we have seen a beautiful girl for you.Come early just like today”That’s my mother.

“Ma, why did you?I will not come to see the bride.I am sorry”i told her.

“If you don’t come, i don’t know what i will do.Do you know what age you are in?You are 27.Think about us”my mother blackmailed.

“Aakash, just come before 5 tommorow evening, okay.We will go see the girl.I have told Mr.Shankar.If you don’t like the girl, that’s fine.We won’t compel you”.My father told sincerely.This is why i like my father so much than my mother.

“Are you speaking about Shankar uncle who lived next door when i was small.I used to play with her elder daugher, what’s her name?”I tried to recall.

“It’s amala”he told.

“Yes.We used to call her Ammu, right”I knew her

“Ammu is going to complete her bachelor’s degree in botany this year.Her father was looking for a groom.I told about you.He agreed just like that”.My father told me the story of how the talk about my engagement plan with Amala alias Ammu began in the first place.

I welcomed the new twist to my life story with valor.Because my parents said so

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