One click brought us our smile back

It’s getting late.Is he taking some kind of revenge on his two sisters?Vimal is our only brother.When he was born, my parents were happy as he was the only son in our family.Instead of growing to be favorite child, he also grew to be very egoistic child.We let him that way.We never cared, we never raised a finger.We should have but we didn’t.My parents never let us and he was our only brother.But today is different.

We had fought over silly matter, yesterday.After all, he is a grown up.He must know it.Gayathri and I didn’t mean to do that.Verbally, i was a bit sarcastic,and now i am paying for it.
Ah!It’s all too much to take.

“Gayathri, please get inside.We will go sleep.It seems like Vimal will not come tonight”I said.

“No, akka.Let us wait.It’s our fault.How can we know that he will take it far too seriously.I am not going to sleep.Let him come first.I will talk to him.Then only i can be relieved”said Gayathri.

Gayathri worried about our parents.We told amma appa, he will come late due to his heavy workload in office.We told a lie for they will worry at this old age. What else can we, helpless sisters do because of this crazy brother of ours.

This is what happened. Vimal came from office, the other day and said to amma appa that he is going to resign his job.He continued to say , he want to start his own business.He was laughing, being proud of himself.


My parents were overenthusiastic.They congratulated him and assured him that they will lend help if he needed.But we never did.Along with my parents, we should have congratulated him.Sadly, we adviced him not to resign his job atleast yet.He has barely served six months in this company.Let some time pass.I told him.Gayathri asked so many questions from what business he is planning to start to in which financial concern he is going to get loan.

Vimal got irritated with her.After some time has gone, he asked her to shut up and let him go change his clothes.I didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

“Hey, Vimal!Don’t act all knowing.Listen to us.You have barely crossed twenty four.You are too young to start a company of your own.There is a famous proverb in English, Think before you leap.We won’t be there to help you once you face loss in business.Think again, baby brother”.

That’s all i said.He never returned from office today.Who knows he will do something like this to scare us?

We both gave him lot of missed calls and left messages.On the other side, he didn’t blink an eye.We wondered what he was doing.

It is 3.00 AM in the morning.I tried again.I typed his mobile number.I clicked the call button.For a moment, i was shocked by the sudden voice of my brother.I chuckled.He has answered my call after all although his voice was feeble i knew it was him.Oh!Thank God.He is okay.

I will never forget this day in my life, ever.We both.Gayathri and I, his know-ing sisters.We took an oath, that is to never fight/annoy our brother unnecessarily.Like we have learned a lesson the hard way, he sure will learn it soon.A tear dropped from my eye.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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