Happy Pongal

In southern part of india , Pongal is celebrated as a harvest festival.Most importantly the festival is for farmers .As a way of thanking the farmers for the harvest they have made so far, the government has declared holidays for the whole state.

Why we celebrate this festival in the state?The food we eat is because of the hard work of farmers. It is true that India has 65-70 % of the people in the farmers community.This is a fact. None of us can deny the statistics.This festival is not only for farmers, in addition, it is also for the Hindus.There are four types of pongal celebrated in Tamil Nadu for four days.

Bhogi pongal-All wastes and old things that are not wanted in the house are thrown on fire.The motive of the festival is for the house to become pious.

Surya pongal-This pongal is to worship the sun god.It is called surya pongal because in tamil, surya means sun.Hindus wake up, dress up and worship the sun lord.

Mattu pongal-It is not possible for the farmers to grow and harvest food without the help of Cow and ox.This day is dedicated to these animals.

Kaanum pongal-Family reunion is expected.Hindus visit their relatives and friends house and celebrate the festival with sakkarai(sugar) pongal and sugarcane



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