Rules for life

In any work you do , it is no matter how talented you are , how intelligent you are, how focused you are, how efficient you are, how dedicated you are, it is not logic that drives you but your emotions.We have all been led by this.Once we do act with respect to logic, it is the emotions that would have agreed to our decision making afterwards.This is why always remember the following things before starting your day because you live your life once.If you lived the right way, once is enough.Now for the rules.

1st rule

Work hard.It triumphs your natural talent.

2nd rule

Keep an open mind.It helps to look at all angles and guides you  to arrive at a conclusion.

3rd rule

Never give up.The task at hand may be neck wrenching.Then what is life without tough situations.Try without getting angry or disappointed.

4th rule

Look for the beauty in life.Then you will love life and not live life.


Keep these four rules in mind, you will get through life with flying colors.


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