Calcium deficiency………….no more

There are considerable number of middle aged people who have been suffering from various diseases related to calcium deficiency.This is due to the lack of vitamin D intake.Many people have become victims to it during this present century.Alas!Blame it on the fast food culture.

If it’s known that a person has calcium deficiency but is not serious, they can start taking meagre amount of Vitamin D in their daily diet.A doctor’s advice is invaluable.Why this is most important?When your body is low in calcium, you risk your life with harmful diseases like

thyroid disease,
rhenumatid arthritis and
not able to walk properly.

You also risk having

memory loss,
miscarriage in pregnant women, etc.

It is proved that bad vices like smoking cigarettes , drinking alcohol and coffee pave way for bone diseases.So keep yourself away from them at all cost.

Please beware vitamin D deficiency is not dangerous to your health as this deficiency is easily curable when you seek medical help in the beginning stage itself.In very rare case, the doctor may suggest calcium supplements.The rest can add more calcium to their diet.

By taking a mere blood test, the level of calcium can be detected and accordingly medication can be given.Eating foods that are rich in calcium is the one and only way in which we can get rid of bone diseases totally apart from doing regular physical exercise.

Vitamin D is high in dairy products such as milk,butter, cheese,  then almonds, fish, egg and spinach.

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Why calcium is a must in our daily food?

In order to lower or stabilize the blood pressure , calcium is necessary in individuals who are having problems with their teeth and bones.Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, calcium a day too keeps the doctor away.Isn’t that great?


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