My crazy friend

What is this?Is she stalking me.I can’t believe my eyes.I know my my eyes won’t lie.But……honestly speaking this can’t be possible.My ex-friend is stalking me online.The reason is why?Is she thinks me as her competitor.What has motivated her to do such a dishonourable act?Is she stalking only me or many other.

Should i ask her(biting my nails), all the posts she has shared on her wall is about me or someone else.It feels like it.Folks, please remember that i didn’t stalk her.I just typed my aunt’s name on facebook search instead facebook showed her profile.

My aunt’s first name and her first name is same.She is new to facebooking.I thought it is nice to welcome her and i am not able to digest the fact, my ex-friend is stalking me.Publicly, she has posted hurt messages, etc, etc, sounds like they are all directed towards me.The question is why can’t she share it wih me.Is she insane or is she thinks i will stalk her like she does.

A short word about her.After doing her B.Com, she got a job in a BPO company and she didn’t continue her studies.It’s not that she resents, it is her own choice-She hates…………………………………. studying.And here i am, all these days, say one year, i remain here without knowing anything.What should do?I planned something big.

Step 1 :I added her in my friends list.She didn’t accept my friend request.Point taken.Guilty maybe?.

Step 2 :I posted a status stating i am not feeling well.She remained silent.The next day she accepts my friendship.I now confirm her as my stalker.

Step 3 :I ask her how are you with her name?.She asks who am i?Oh my, i can’t take this anymore.Can’t she read my full name on the public profile.I gave her acting skills, two stars.The way she spoke was funny.The same old, bubbly, happy go lucky girl, never worries about anything or………..anyone.Walks weirdly.Never hears anyone who try to advice her.I must say i learnt a lot from her.Actually, bitten by her.Did i mention i thought she is a lesbian?Disgusting.Thank God, it is not he.

Step 4 :It’s a comedy.She has posted a Tom and Jerry status update after she added me to her already few friend list(very calculating).I think, she indeed was stalking me.I am breaking my head.Why should she?Incredible

Step 5 :Four days has gone.I was quite busy.I opened my fb account.she has posted lot of status updates.Then a big thought occupied my mind.How to tell her that i accepted her friendship even after i know her indecent acts.I ask Tom and Jerry to help me.

Step 6 :Hey, Where is Tom and Jerry?Where is Tom and Jerry post?Send me immediately.I need it.I need it.I need it.Soon.She isn’t able to catch up with me.Yes, I know .She is confused.Never mind, i will search the internet.

Then i posted the status.The one thing that defines our friendship.I may have broken her friendship before for stamping my college bag daily (when i used to sit with her)while entering our bench, pouring water on my colorful accounts assignment, laughing loudly, crazily and why should i continue, i forgive her for whatever she did then and now.Whatever.What she has done was soooooooooooooooooooo………………………embarrassing. Though i need her explanation for stalking me madly.

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