Work is where my heart is & Study is where my mind is

Two years back when i was doing my second year Bachelor’s degree in Holy Cross College, Trichy, i got a great opportunity to work as a Medical Transcriptionist. Out of twenty four-twenty seven students from my college, only two were selected, one of them being myself.I was totally on cloud nine.I can’t say how happy i was at that time..How can it not be it was my very first job.I told my mother, she was overjoyed.

The sad part was my father who is a banker by profession disagreed to it.He said many stories which i guess he self-created.The best story was this.His friend’s daughter joined a bogus company and she resigned the job without being paid for her service and he kept on rattling stories one after the other. I wonder why his mouth did not get tired of speaking for a long time.I, on the other hand, heard all his stories and said, “okay, okay”, “I get it”, “Yes, i get it”.Things like, “I understand”, “It won’t happen because the college is sending me, so it must be a good company”.

What made me say these was i was over excited about the pay i was going to get. Just imagine, i haven’t yet COMPLETED my UG and here i am getting my first job.The salary for working part time is Rs.5000.I have to work only four hours in the office and i will get my first salary Rs.5000 everymonth in my bank account.This was repetitively running on my mind.I can’t resist my impatience.Once my fourth semester exam gets over, the company told me to join.They said after one month of training, i can start transcribing files. The stipend in the training period will be Rs.2500.I cannot ask for more, as it’s a part time job and i am inexperienced.It is an impressive, interesting and challenging work.My life seemed like just perfect.Within one week of training, i was already well versed in transcibing physiotheraphy and hit and run cases. I can’t believe it.The company also didn’t believe it.Thus they started giving me live files for me to transcribe.I can’t hide my happiness.I got paid Rs.4550, the initial month.

My father didn’t talk.It came to him as a surprise.Even then he told me to choose between college and work as it would spoil my studies.I chose both.Yes, this is the story of how i took charge of my life by embracing the unknown territory.This way, i made a choice, not a compromise by following my heart.Truly, it was a memorable period in my life.

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