Kaleidoscope, Anything is possible

First thing first.I love being a daughter to my family and student to my college.This will be my final year in college and i can’t hide my true feelings.I am really proud of finishing my master’s degree.At the end of May, i will hold two degrees(Did i say i hope to do M.Phil too???).After that i will start working for a company and i will become a workaholic.My role will be that of a good daughter, great employee, awesome sister to my sibling.Yeah, three in one.

I always hoped to enjoy my life on my terms.As i grew up in a family where less rules were implemented upon us since childhood, we had all the freedom in this world.But i chose to be different.I self imposed many rules and based on such rules, i lived my life.I was a bit strict with myself.

I have seen some rough years, hence i have to be very cautious about in which direction i move.Nevertheless, my parents are always there to guide me and i can’t thank the lord for everything he has done so far for me.It’s really hard for me to choose untested and untried path, even then i have been courageous in all my endeavors.

I may not be perfect, as i try hard to cross the border line at least.I do not choose between OR & AND because i have been given privilege to choose as many as i can given my health is fine.It is all up to me whether i choose to work, study or marry, my choice.Let me ask, can’t i choose all these three?Of course, i believe i can.It is My life,my family, my choices.If something is bothering my family or friends, they have the ultimate right to suggest their opinions.After all, they play an important role in my life.But the final choice will be mine, always………….

This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus“.


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