A healthy child indeed makes for a happy home

A responsible parent not only must make their child eat enough food but also make their child eat nutritious food.Eating right food makes the children grow healthy to healthier and immune to various diseases.Also,adding vegetables and fruits will help them well in order to concentrate on their studies.As far as possible, all parents must avoid giving junk foods to their children.They not only should buy junk food and also they should not eat the junk food themselves as it will prove to set a bad example in the mindset of the children.It is necessary to give a child eatables that meets their needs.

Attending to the children’s need is a must in the sense, a parent must add different type of foods on a daily basis as it will help the child grow stronger and stronger in terms of health.This is why avoiding junk food must be a top priority on their list.An apple a day keeps the doctor away, if the children eat completely nutritious organic food products, there won’t be a time in which they have to visit a doctor.And again it is in the hands of the parents.

Once in 6 months visiting a paediatrician may also help children enjoy an active life.Based on their age, weight, height, the paediatrician will suggest foods that will enhance a child’s health.As the saying goes, An idle mind is a devil’s workshop, the parents must engage their children with brainstorming games and sessions.This improves the child’s IQ in the long term.There are certain things that you never take for granted.

If your child does not eat breakfast or lunch that you just gave him.A little tip, decorate the food in an attractive manner to their liking.If they don’t eat even then, take them to a good paederitaican which can help increase their appetite.

If your child doesn’t go to sleep rather watches TV, this sure is a concern for worry.Understand from your child’s point of view why he/she wants to watch TV and not go to sleep.The habit of watching TV definitely may have come from you or anyone in your house.If your child has sleeping disorder , take them to a physician and see what is their core problem is.If you put your child early to bed, it will aid him to wake up early in the morning.

Truly, a healthy child makes for a healthy home for all the above reasons.The future of the children is a very significant part in their life.If they fall sick in and out, how can they be able to handle the tough things that they are going to face in the later part of their life.It is time to think.

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Everything in my life seemed perfect over a year ago.How you ask?I went to a 9AM-6PM job.I woke up early in the morning,bathed, ate breakfast, then picked up a bus , went to office, came at 7PM in the evening, watched TV, ate dinner and went to sleep only to wake up again in the next morning.Doesn’t this sound like perfect??Atleast to me.

I enjoyed my life so much.Then my love entered into the picture.She was all a man could ask for .Any man would die to marry her. She was a gorgeous woman with a brown hair.

Whenever i saw her in the bus, she used to smile at me.I was thrilled and at the same time, a twinge of doubt arose in me.

Was she, usually, smile at everyone like this or only me?But wow, her smile always had an effect.It accelerated my heart beat at a high speed.

Lovely woman, I thought.

Today, she was wearing a beautiful dark blue cotton saree.I wanted to ask her why she was wearing saree.But i couldn’t.Now we have barely spoken to each other.Our friendship is just through our smiles.

I smile.She smiles.

She smiles.I smile.That is it.What more a bachelor like me can ask for?

My guess was wrong.I wanted more.

One fine morning, when i was about to enter the bus, she too tried to enter the bus.Our head dashed.

‘Ouch!I am sorry.I should have seen this’i politely told her.

‘No!It was my mistake,sorry’she replied.

I was a bit overwhelmed.We both entered the bus.I mean, first she entered(There is a saying,Ladies first, Gents last), then i followed suit.

She asked me where i worked, all that chit chat.I asked her what she is doing, she told me she is a dancer at Vidya Balan Bharatha Natyam school.

‘Great!’I shouted in joy and excitement.

‘At first glance, Smita (yup, that’s her name), i wouldn’t have beleived if you told me you were a dancer.Today i believe’I told.

And may i ask, why is that?She cajoled.I liked her tone.It was sweet and sexy.

Sadly, her stop arrived.Our chat ended.

That day i dreamed about Smita and our marriage.We had two children in the dream.We both adored them.

I woke up late in the morning.What if Smita went early in the bus?I felt bad.I cursed myself.

She didn’t come today.Where was she gone?My watch shows the correct time.She must have went in the previous bus.I consoled myself.

The next day

Smita didn’t come today also.Might she be sick?I wondered.

I was not sure what had happened to her but i sensed something wrong because more than a week has passed.I longed to see her smile.When she did, i wanted to propose to her.

Some school girl in the bus was telling her friend about Smita .I eaves dropped.Probably, she was her student.

When she told about Smita ’s death, my heart had stopped by then.

‘Are you speaking about Smita , the Bharatha Natyam dancer?’I stammered.

‘Yes, sir’, she told me.

As if a big rock has fallen on my head, i broke down.

Aaww!I screamed closing my mouth so that nobody in the bus could hear.I wanted to ask the girl all the details about how she died but i don’t have the strength to endure everything.

One year has passed.

Only thing that was mising in my life now was her smile.Will i ever see that smile again?

I hope one day we both would meet each other in heaven and live happily ever after.I put my blind faith on God.

I woke up from the bed, brushed my teeth and began to pack my office bag with lunch.My parents asked why i was sad looking.How can i tell them, it’s my lover’s first death anniversary.I was broken from the inside.I said, “nothing” and went off hurrily.

I came soon from the office not knowing my parents little drama.

“Aakash, we have seen a beautiful girl for you.Come early just like today”That’s my mother.

“Ma, why did you?I will not come to see the bride.I am sorry”i told her.

“If you don’t come, i don’t know what i will do.Do you know what age you are in?You are 27.Think about us”my mother blackmailed.

“Aakash, just come before 5 tommorow evening, okay.We will go see the girl.I have told Mr.Shankar.If you don’t like the girl, that’s fine.We won’t compel you”.My father told sincerely.This is why i like my father so much than my mother.

“Are you speaking about Shankar uncle who lived next door when i was small.I used to play with her elder daugher, what’s her name?”I tried to recall.

“It’s amala”he told.

“Yes.We used to call her Ammu, right”I knew her

“Ammu is going to complete her bachelor’s degree in botany this year.Her father was looking for a groom.I told about you.He agreed just like that”.My father told me the story of how the talk about my engagement plan with Amala alias Ammu began in the first place.

I welcomed the new twist to my life story with valor.Because my parents said so

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Two lives ruined

I was knitting crochet when ‘HE’ entered the house.By ‘HE’, I meant my husband who married me thirteen years ago.Our son is Kevin.Thank God we had only one child.

Since the day i got married, i felt a thorn piercing my heart whenever i see him and in my subconscious mind when i try to pull it, it starts to bleed incessantly.It’s a recurring dream that i dream every day.I punish myself for not saving her.

Huh!How will i let go of this dream?The lie, my husband told me.It still makes my life miserable.When i try to ignore it, Keerthana comes to haunt me almost always.

“Please!Leave me alone, Keerthana.It was my husband who cheated on you”I exclaimed.

“And yet you married him”Keerthana shouted at me.

“I didn’t know he loved you”I answered.

I can’t blame her.We were both cheated by one man.That one man who lied to me and married me.It feels like it happened yesterday.Not able to believe twelve years have passed after that dreadful incident.

“Sherry!Can you take my office bag and come to my room.I kept it on the sofa this time”. It’s my husband calling.By the way. Sherry is the short form for Sherine.My full name is Sherine Angel.

“Yeah!Suuuuuurreeeeeeeeeee”I proclaimed.

For me, it just feels like another day in my life where Keerthana occupies my mind every day.Why wouldn’t she?Her suicide came to us as quite a shock.To be truthful, it shook us and tore us apart.We didn’t speak to each other for about a month.

It happened the same twelve years ago, right after my son was born.I think Keerthana was a very sensitive woman.That’s why she couldn’t take it anymore and committed suicide. When Sagaya Raj married me, he told me about his girlfriend.

He said, he wanted to marry her.The reason for them not getting together was their respective parents as they were considered about their own religion.It was acceptable to me.But what he didn’t tell me was Keerthana begged him to marry her.As a noble son to his parents, he pushed her away.It was that easy for him.

What hurt was he could have told me before we got married.I wasn’t able to digest the fact my husband loved her first.I, therefore, became his SECOND LOVE. superstickies (4) It was her parents who called us to speak to her two weeks before her death. She was moody all the time.We heard she spoke to none.We both convinced her to forget about her days spent with my husband and marry someone else in her own community.Deep somewhere in my heart, i expected she will nod .But she never did.She didn’t blink an eye.Let her parents cry.If they were concerned about her child’s health now,they should have approved of Raj and Keerthana’s relationship.

It was Raj who lied to me.He could have told me about her on our engagement day.I could have spoke to her or stopped my marriage.Who knew she would do something like that?I knew.I predicted it before in hand.Yet, i couldn’t stop it.How ironic?

The day he lied to me…………….did he think i would forgive him?

Yes, i would.

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Think again, what is not a woman’s job or vice versa

I have been breaking my head why washing clothes is not a man’s job.A job is a job.Any one can do it if they have got what it takes to do.What’s the big deal?This is not easy.That is why i have done an analysis based on the survey conducted by AC Nielsen in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad & Bangalore, in November 2014.

2/3rds of women feel inequality exists at home between men and women-Okay.Does all the working men in India work for twelve hours job?Not right.Most of the men even have weekends off especially in big cities like chennai. Only 40-45% percentage of the men work more than twelve hours.What about the rest of them?They come home.Take rest.Then watch Television or go out having fun while the women sit at home doing all the household work by remaining calm,preparing dinner.They have to prepare food in the morning, afternoon and at night.This is excluding the evening tiffin that they have to make for the kids and the elders in the house.At many times, they have to hurry up and cook the afternoon lunch for their school/college going children and their office going husband.They must do the laundry within a stipulated period of time.WOW.

Working men vs working women-Yes, the men go and work for their family.They are the bread winners.But, what about the working women?They work for their family too.Nowadays, about 50 % of the INDIAN WOMEN go for work.Am i wrong?Do they all take rest after returning from their respective jobs?No.They come straight from their office, within a reasonable amount of time, they start doing their household chores.It has become a undeniable duty.While men can take rest after coming from work, why can’t the women do what they like after returning from the job?It is injustice.

Now coming to the point,Laundry is a woman’s job.Then what else is not a woman’s job.If somebody can make a list of jobs for women, all the women in India can take a note of it.In those days, females were not ALLOWED to work.Hence, they remained at their house and took care of everyone’s well being by cooking, doing the laundry, mopping the floor, etc.Today, we cannot say so.As time changes, people change.We have to embrace the new change.The person you were yesterday cannot be applied to the person that you are going to become tomorrow.It is best if we leave certain things in the past.

statsariel 85% percentage of the women feel they have two jobs-It can be true.Many women have to wake up early and start preparing for the day if they cannot afford to appoint a housemaid.And in the evening they have to prepare dinner for the whole family.It’s a routine job.They have to do other chores also.So that’s partly true.

73% married Indian women feel, a man prioritizes relaxing over helping with household chores-Without being dubious about it, 100% i agree.Everyone wants to relax after a hectic day at work.What about her work?She works from the morning.Doesn’t she deserve to relax?Since she doesn’t get time to relax like the men do, it is natural for her to feel jealous of them.

More than 67 % of men prefer to watch TV than to do their laundry-Who doesn’t?The women also watch TV and yet, the men must accept the fact that women are working hard for their family, if they are not able to lend a hand, at least they can give the TV remote to women and let them do what pleases them.They do simple things like cutting the vegetables for meal by watching the TV.In the meantime, they also wash their laundry at night.It is sad that some women wash their laundry at house four times a day.They never seem to get a break.

77% percentage of the men depend on women for doing their laundry-This is absolutely true unless they are working far away from home.All these men, while they are at home, take women for granted feeling they will wash their clothes anyway.Will they act the same way when they are working elsewhere?Of course, not.It’s time to think.If the men folk do no agree, it’s because they have truly accepted women are multifaceted while they are not.

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It’s a presumption that Laundry is a woman’s job

Can’t women reduce their workload in this 21st century with the help of men?.The statistics shocks me especially 76% of the male feel that laundry is a woman’s job.What a rubbish.Honestly speaking, if it seems like a woman’s job, men must ask someone else to wash their clothes not their wives as they already have so many jobs piled up in the household front.Cooking, cleaning,sweeping, ironing, folding the clothes, etc.They can pay the maid for some of that.Out of abundant love for their husbands, women may remain dumb and do all the work in the world but their health would get spoiled eventually if they don’t speak up.Maybe, the men are too happy to pay for the doctor fees in the aftermath.Let me ask a question, if they keep on working for the house admittingly when will they get rest?

What bothers these men to wash their laundry?Are they washing someone else?I am not able to get it.It may be surprising that, it is not a cause of worry in my house.My father is impartial.He washes his clothes on every weekend.Though our washing machine does the washing, he has to dry his clothes on the hanger.It’s a great help which must be appreciated.In my opinion, there are men like my father who wash their own clothes either on a daily basis or on weekends.

There can even be some more men who cook food in the house..I have heard stories about them in women’s magazines.I also have read stories about house husbands.Yes, you heard that right.House husbands.They don’t go for office work.They remain in the house and do everything a woman is believed to be supposed to do.They are okay with that. Great, isn’t it?I am not gender bias.I am just trying to tell, there are men who help their women in household chores.They take more than half of the workload to aid their women.

I read somewhere that 90% of the laundry is done by a husband.How funny?There must be some identifiable houses left where men share the workload of their spouses.They must be lauded.If wives are worn out by washing everyone’s clothes, they should ask their husbands to wash half of the clothes, if they don’t agree, then send it to their mothers.This will make their mothers happy.It is just a joke.

There are men who enjoy doing their laundry.They step into the shoes of women and known for having fair share of sharing the work.A fine example is Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi, father of our nation.He washed his own clothes.He wanted to cut down his washing expenses.So he bought a book on how to wash his clothes to learn the art of washing.When his wife got sick, he washed her handkerchiefs.Once Gokhale came to his house and told him, he will wash his clothes.But Gandhi insisted on washing his own clothes as he could not trust Gokhale as a washer.All men who say, they love Gandhi must follow his footsteps.Then the rest of the world will too.

My idea of  society is that while we are born equal, meaning that we have a right to equal opportunity, all have not the same capacity-M.K.Gandhi.

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One click brought us our smile back

It’s getting late.Is he taking some kind of revenge on his two sisters?Vimal is our only brother.When he was born, my parents were happy as he was the only son in our family.Instead of growing to be favorite child, he also grew to be very egoistic child.We let him that way.We never cared, we never raised a finger.We should have but we didn’t.My parents never let us and he was our only brother.But today is different.

We had fought over silly matter, yesterday.After all, he is a grown up.He must know it.Gayathri and I didn’t mean to do that.Verbally, i was a bit sarcastic,and now i am paying for it.
Ah!It’s all too much to take.

“Gayathri, please get inside.We will go sleep.It seems like Vimal will not come tonight”I said.

“No, akka.Let us wait.It’s our fault.How can we know that he will take it far too seriously.I am not going to sleep.Let him come first.I will talk to him.Then only i can be relieved”said Gayathri.

Gayathri worried about our parents.We told amma appa, he will come late due to his heavy workload in office.We told a lie for they will worry at this old age. What else can we, helpless sisters do because of this crazy brother of ours.

This is what happened. Vimal came from office, the other day and said to amma appa that he is going to resign his job.He continued to say , he want to start his own business.He was laughing, being proud of himself.


My parents were overenthusiastic.They congratulated him and assured him that they will lend help if he needed.But we never did.Along with my parents, we should have congratulated him.Sadly, we adviced him not to resign his job atleast yet.He has barely served six months in this company.Let some time pass.I told him.Gayathri asked so many questions from what business he is planning to start to in which financial concern he is going to get loan.

Vimal got irritated with her.After some time has gone, he asked her to shut up and let him go change his clothes.I didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

“Hey, Vimal!Don’t act all knowing.Listen to us.You have barely crossed twenty four.You are too young to start a company of your own.There is a famous proverb in English, Think before you leap.We won’t be there to help you once you face loss in business.Think again, baby brother”.

That’s all i said.He never returned from office today.Who knows he will do something like this to scare us?

We both gave him lot of missed calls and left messages.On the other side, he didn’t blink an eye.We wondered what he was doing.

It is 3.00 AM in the morning.I tried again.I typed his mobile number.I clicked the call button.For a moment, i was shocked by the sudden voice of my brother.I chuckled.He has answered my call after all although his voice was feeble i knew it was him.Oh!Thank God.He is okay.

I will never forget this day in my life, ever.We both.Gayathri and I, his know-ing sisters.We took an oath, that is to never fight/annoy our brother unnecessarily.Like we have learned a lesson the hard way, he sure will learn it soon.A tear dropped from my eye.

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Happy Pongal

In southern part of india , Pongal is celebrated as a harvest festival.Most importantly the festival is for farmers .As a way of thanking the farmers for the harvest they have made so far, the government has declared holidays for the whole state.

Why we celebrate this festival in the state?The food we eat is because of the hard work of farmers. It is true that India has 65-70 % of the people in the farmers community.This is a fact. None of us can deny the statistics.This festival is not only for farmers, in addition, it is also for the Hindus.There are four types of pongal celebrated in Tamil Nadu for four days.

Bhogi pongal-All wastes and old things that are not wanted in the house are thrown on fire.The motive of the festival is for the house to become pious.

Surya pongal-This pongal is to worship the sun god.It is called surya pongal because in tamil, surya means sun.Hindus wake up, dress up and worship the sun lord.

Mattu pongal-It is not possible for the farmers to grow and harvest food without the help of Cow and ox.This day is dedicated to these animals.

Kaanum pongal-Family reunion is expected.Hindus visit their relatives and friends house and celebrate the festival with sakkarai(sugar) pongal and sugarcane