On a tension filled Friday ………….

(Just now Came back from office and searching for my smart-phone to call my relative) It’s not there. What do i do now???The smart-phone is not in my bag.Where did it go? How can i possibly be this irresponsible?Where did i miss it?I Don’t remember anything.

God please…………………..please……………..please find my smart-phone and give it to me(again checking inside the bag).I will come to church every Sunday.It’s a promise.

(A bit relaxed) Where did it go?Probably i would have kept it on the office table like i always do.Maybe not, today.

What if someone took it from my handbag while i was traveling. No.No.No.It shouldn’t have happened like this.It must be on the office table only.But……..there are sensitive data on my smart-phone.If somebody sees it…………………no. First of all, i should ask the service centre to lock my smart-phone in case somebody took it.Did anyone really take it?Even so, what are they going to do with my smart-phone?Sell it.It never should happen.That’s my phone. I am trapped(feeling extremely tired, i sit down).

It’s 8.oo clock.Nothing is going well today.Seriously, there are many personal data stored in my smart-phone. Does the person who stole it might have seen them all by now? I told the service centre to lock my phone number and i am not satisfied yet.Will i get back soon by a miracle?It’s an expensive smart-phone gifted by my sister.What am i going to say to her?Where will i go and keep my face?Surely, she will be devastated. Okay.Let me check my handbag once again(emptied everything).It’s a pleasant surprise.I have kept my smart-phone safely in the last portion of my bag and here i am searching for the smart-phone which i did not lose.How silly is that?Thank God..I found it

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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