The myth about shaving

Men do not always look great without a shave.It is rare case if a man bores a “no shaven look”.

Also it suggests he is labeled not clean by the people he is with or the people around him.

Most men often find they are odd looking without a shave.

Some brave men who do opt either for a stubble or a beard are considered to be unclean especially by women folk.

Let me say this, these are all just presumptions.It is high time our society is reeducated on this topic.Here is a short glimpse of men who did not shave and what does our so called society’s immediate response to it.

A mother to her son :Hey, Ragul!Why didn’t you shave?You can eat later.First go shave and come.

Friend to friend :What happened to you, Mohan?Why didn’t you shave?Are you okay?

Wife to her husband :God!!!Why.Why didn’t you shave?Have you gone crazy?

Brothers talk :Vimal, there is a big function going inside our house and you did not shave?What is this…………….Vimal.

Stranger :Did you see that guy?He looks soooooooo…………yuck.I guess he lost his shaving cream/razor.(continues a loud thunder of laughs)

The above is just a sample.There is plenty more.Generally, there is no such thing as whoever shaves is clean and whoever didn’t shave is unclean.It is all in the mind.Let’s take a look at the punjabis.Almost all men have a beard.Then are they all unclean? If someone says, hey man, why don’t you shave?You seem to be unclean.The joke is on the person who has asked it in the first place.A man has the right to do whatever he wants to do to his face.No one has a say in this regard.What is the specialty about shaving is that, it gives a neat look which he will not have acquired it otherwise.

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette


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