Love refreshed

He stared at her without blinking his eyes.The sight of him gave her shivers.She knows he is looking at her.She desperately wished he will move away.Yet, he did not.He never took his gaze away from her.It is as if prakash had the ultimate right to look at her.

Lavanya is Prakash’s ex-girlfriend and also one of his sister’s friend.They broke up with each other over a silly matter, eight months ago.They made a mountain out of a molehill.She has come back to her senses.

What is that?She thought.There is something strange in prakash’s appearance.She wondered.Yes, She is right. Prakash has grown a stubble.It doesn’t suit him as he has got a long, square face that does not go well with a stubble.Lavanya asked herself, why he did not shave?He even knows it did not suit him.

Prakash had only one thing in his mind which is to reunite with his beautiful girlfriend.Lavanya understood him and came out of her protective shell.She went right into the balcony of the wedding hall.Prakash followed her.Their eyes met.

Who will speak first?He or she.They betted on each other.Of course, in most of the love stories, it is the male who speaks first.Prakash moved.He therefore made a gesture to speak what is on his mind.

Instead of asking,” How are you?”, he asked, “how is everything?”.

She replied swiftly , “Everything is fine”.

He asked her again, “You said everything is fine.So what is it?”

For a moment,Prakash and Lavanya went into a statue mode.Then they both laughed together until their stomachs hurt.

She spoke first, “Oh!Prakash why did you grow a stubble?It does not suit you.Please shave it.It makes you ugly, Eeww”

.He already got her girlfriend back.What else he needs.

Prakash said modestly,”Okay Ma’am”

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