Caught him without a shave

No matter how many jobs Rekha has to undertake, she never gets tired of it all.People in her surroundings often joked whether she is a human being or a Robot.After her husband died in an accident at the age of 32,a part of Rekha died too.She was shattered.With her three very young children aged 6, 4 and 1, she wept till she was deprived of tears.Everyone in her family and her friends circle consoled her and exactly pitied her.Her mother worried about her health constantly.

This is when one of her cousin Rajan came to rescue her.He advised her to face the reality of her situation and think about her little children.All thanks to him, today , at just 40, she is a well known businesswoman as well as a good mother to her children.

Rekha got a call from Rajan that he is coming to her house as part of a business trip.She was happy to welcome him.This is the first time he is going to visit her house situated at Bangalore.She told him to stay at the airport itself.She will come to pick him up. Rekha went to the airport at the earliest.She searched for him everywhere.But he is no where to be seen.So she called him and asked about his whereabouts.

Surprisingly, Rajan stood right behind her and said “I am here”.Rekha was taken aback.She was so shocked to find him like this.Not because it was sudden.The reason is Rajan has grown a beard.Rekha remembered his appearance even though she has not met him for decades.He used to have a CLEAN SHAVEN look.She recalls, not once, Rajan had stubble on his face.At present, with a beard.That is why she was not able to find him.After all, it is Rajan’s fault to have grown a beard.Rekha upon seeing his friend, well wisher, she sat in the car joyfully and began chatting about his new avatar.

‘This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette


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