On a tension filled Friday ………….

(Just now Came back from office and searching for my smart-phone to call my relative) It’s not there. What do i do now???The smart-phone is not in my bag.Where did it go? How can i possibly be this irresponsible?Where did i miss it?I Don’t remember anything.

God please…………………..please……………..please find my smart-phone and give it to me(again checking inside the bag).I will come to church every Sunday.It’s a promise.

(A bit relaxed) Where did it go?Probably i would have kept it on the office table like i always do.Maybe not, today.

What if someone took it from my handbag while i was traveling. No.No.No.It shouldn’t have happened like this.It must be on the office table only.But……..there are sensitive data on my smart-phone.If somebody sees it…………………no. First of all, i should ask the service centre to lock my smart-phone in case somebody took it.Did anyone really take it?Even so, what are they going to do with my smart-phone?Sell it.It never should happen.That’s my phone. I am trapped(feeling extremely tired, i sit down).

It’s 8.oo clock.Nothing is going well today.Seriously, there are many personal data stored in my smart-phone. Does the person who stole it might have seen them all by now? I told the service centre to lock my phone number and i am not satisfied yet.Will i get back soon by a miracle?It’s an expensive smart-phone gifted by my sister.What am i going to say to her?Where will i go and keep my face?Surely, she will be devastated. Okay.Let me check my handbag once again(emptied everything).It’s a pleasant surprise.I have kept my smart-phone safely in the last portion of my bag and here i am searching for the smart-phone which i did not lose.How silly is that?Thank God..I found it

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The myth about shaving

Men do not always look great without a shave.It is rare case if a man bores a “no shaven look”.

Also it suggests he is labeled not clean by the people he is with or the people around him.

Most men often find they are odd looking without a shave.

Some brave men who do opt either for a stubble or a beard are considered to be unclean especially by women folk.

Let me say this, these are all just presumptions.It is high time our society is reeducated on this topic.Here is a short glimpse of men who did not shave and what does our so called society’s immediate response to it.

A mother to her son :Hey, Ragul!Why didn’t you shave?You can eat later.First go shave and come.

Friend to friend :What happened to you, Mohan?Why didn’t you shave?Are you okay?

Wife to her husband :God!!!Why.Why didn’t you shave?Have you gone crazy?

Brothers talk :Vimal, there is a big function going inside our house and you did not shave?What is this…………….Vimal.

Stranger :Did you see that guy?He looks soooooooo…………yuck.I guess he lost his shaving cream/razor.(continues a loud thunder of laughs)

The above is just a sample.There is plenty more.Generally, there is no such thing as whoever shaves is clean and whoever didn’t shave is unclean.It is all in the mind.Let’s take a look at the punjabis.Almost all men have a beard.Then are they all unclean? If someone says, hey man, why don’t you shave?You seem to be unclean.The joke is on the person who has asked it in the first place.A man has the right to do whatever he wants to do to his face.No one has a say in this regard.What is the specialty about shaving is that, it gives a neat look which he will not have acquired it otherwise.

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Love refreshed

He stared at her without blinking his eyes.The sight of him gave her shivers.She knows he is looking at her.She desperately wished he will move away.Yet, he did not.He never took his gaze away from her.It is as if prakash had the ultimate right to look at her.

Lavanya is Prakash’s ex-girlfriend and also one of his sister’s friend.They broke up with each other over a silly matter, eight months ago.They made a mountain out of a molehill.She has come back to her senses.

What is that?She thought.There is something strange in prakash’s appearance.She wondered.Yes, She is right. Prakash has grown a stubble.It doesn’t suit him as he has got a long, square face that does not go well with a stubble.Lavanya asked herself, why he did not shave?He even knows it did not suit him.

Prakash had only one thing in his mind which is to reunite with his beautiful girlfriend.Lavanya understood him and came out of her protective shell.She went right into the balcony of the wedding hall.Prakash followed her.Their eyes met.

Who will speak first?He or she.They betted on each other.Of course, in most of the love stories, it is the male who speaks first.Prakash moved.He therefore made a gesture to speak what is on his mind.

Instead of asking,” How are you?”, he asked, “how is everything?”.

She replied swiftly , “Everything is fine”.

He asked her again, “You said everything is fine.So what is it?”

For a moment,Prakash and Lavanya went into a statue mode.Then they both laughed together until their stomachs hurt.

She spoke first, “Oh!Prakash why did you grow a stubble?It does not suit you.Please shave it.It makes you ugly, Eeww”

.He already got her girlfriend back.What else he needs.

Prakash said modestly,”Okay Ma’am”

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Caught him without a shave

No matter how many jobs Rekha has to undertake, she never gets tired of it all.People in her surroundings often joked whether she is a human being or a Robot.After her husband died in an accident at the age of 32,a part of Rekha died too.She was shattered.With her three very young children aged 6, 4 and 1, she wept till she was deprived of tears.Everyone in her family and her friends circle consoled her and exactly pitied her.Her mother worried about her health constantly.

This is when one of her cousin Rajan came to rescue her.He advised her to face the reality of her situation and think about her little children.All thanks to him, today , at just 40, she is a well known businesswoman as well as a good mother to her children.

Rekha got a call from Rajan that he is coming to her house as part of a business trip.She was happy to welcome him.This is the first time he is going to visit her house situated at Bangalore.She told him to stay at the airport itself.She will come to pick him up. Rekha went to the airport at the earliest.She searched for him everywhere.But he is no where to be seen.So she called him and asked about his whereabouts.

Surprisingly, Rajan stood right behind her and said “I am here”.Rekha was taken aback.She was so shocked to find him like this.Not because it was sudden.The reason is Rajan has grown a beard.Rekha remembered his appearance even though she has not met him for decades.He used to have a CLEAN SHAVEN look.She recalls, not once, Rajan had stubble on his face.At present, with a beard.That is why she was not able to find him.After all, it is Rajan’s fault to have grown a beard.Rekha upon seeing his friend, well wisher, she sat in the car joyfully and began chatting about his new avatar.

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