Say ‘Yes’ to the challenging world

Sometimes we make decisions without thinking about the consequences but they hold great value today. I had a crush on this guy. He did his MSW in my college and he was my senior. I sent him a friend request on facebook without learning about his background.  As I naturally like social workers, I just gave a request without analysing the pro’s and con’s. Why I am saying is, there is a good reason. You will learn soon.

As he had already more than 1000 friends, I thought he wouldn’t talk to me but he wanted to learn about me. He thought, I am a ‘he’ which was dowright right stupid. My first name and my last name in Facebook previously would have confused him I believe.

He asked me lot of questions about me which I answered truly.  I gave him lot of signals telling him that I really like him but he always kept a distance and talked to me in a genuine way indicating he considers me as his sister. He is my first crush who I liked  for his decent character. Sadly, there was a classmate in my college who was his family friend. I did not know that she was crushing on him too and I could see very well, she did not like me talking to him often.   So I backed off. Even then my life became hell in college.

Why did I give this guy a friend request? One facebook request turned my life upside down. This girl became dangerous day by day I can see it. But I talked to her politely because the mistake was mine. I was the one who gave him friend request without knowing they are related. So she used this against me and asked lot of favors from me in college without being ashamed.

I did them wholeheartedly because I felt guilty and also I was sure that she will make my life a mess as she was that kind of person and tell the class about it. She already did damage my life.

Though this guy is on the slim side and this girl who is his family friend is on the fat side, I thought they will marry eventually. She was crushing on him so much. I have seen her comments on his facebook profile. Due to circumstances, I deleted the account.

After three years, I gave him a friend request. He has married another person not her. I searched this girl on facebook and she is nowhere to be found. It was a super duper blockbuster experience. When I think about it, just because I liked this guy, this girl used it against me and took advantage me plenty of times. I started hating him so much whenever I was forced to help her.

No hard feelings today.
I am extrmely happy that he did not marry her. If he married her, his life would have become a nightmare. She will keep on suffocating him by demanding lot of things like she did with me. Now I feel I should not have encouraged her to use me. It was one of the great lesson the world taught me. Now he is not my Facebook friend as I think he will never become my true friend as he already has bulk of friends.

I am happy for the wrong choices I made. Without them, I wouldn’t have known what the right choices are. He is a brother I wish I had. His name is synonym to True gentleman. He works in World Vision India and I am happy for him that he is helping the unfortunate. Love the world for teaching me life lessons that I will cherish as long as I live.


Say ‘Yes’ to the funny world as it is indeed

There is a person who I love as my brother today is an interesting person to know. If I have to tell about him, we have never ever talked in college. There were more than 60 students when we studied our master’s degree and also he is a shy guy and a very private person. At least to me.

He is a player I would say but he would not agree.  Lol. We have talked many times on Facebook alone. It was always interesting to talk to him. I was always curious what this one will say next.

Especially I shared my love for meeting other country people and I also shared my American, Australian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and many other country people including my Indian friends which I don’t remember clearly as I met them randomly on Facebook and also spoke to some of them.

He also has a love for meeting new people. He indeed has all my ex friends I guess since he has not changed his Facebook account. He is a North Indian so I was inquisitive how they will talk. He always talks blah, blah, and the way he approaches life amuses one. He never takes anything seriously.

Life is always a fun business. He is a hopeless romantic. In the college, once we met face to face on a conference. We had to talk to each other. As I am not a good public speaker at that time, I lost to him. After this only he gave me friend request I guess. I didn’t know it was him as I don’t know many guys name who studied with me. So he played a guessing game for many days. I liked it so it was pleasant to talk to him. He always mixed capital letters and small letters in sentences. It was fantastic.

Then all of a sudden I had doubts in him because I came across his original Facebook profile in which he had lot of friends. Why he was interested in talking to me privately? I enquired about him to my ex-classmates and found out lot of shocking news. He is like a brother to me as I was elder than him as I missed two years but when I found it he is faking his birthday and then hid his real Facebook account.

I felt cheated. I got very angry with him and fought with him. I unfriended him. He sent me lot of love messages like I miss you, I only see you something like that. He also told me he liked seeing my smiles in college.

I was a fun person when I did my first year in master’s. First wrong, he gave me friend request from a fake Facebook account (though he uses this account today), then not revealing any of the facts about him and then not talking to me in college.

Always he asked about me and my interests. That’s what I believe I was telling him and he always changed subjects. I copy pasted some of his messages to many college classmates as I got very angry. They all gave me one advice. Ignore him. He is bad news.

Then I ignored him but always shouted at him whenever he had to come near my bench as I sat in first row and he sat in last bench. And I hated him so much that I kept on shouted at him and he never opened his mouth and did not utter a word in college.

He felt ashamed as he was already engaged and chatting with me made him feel guilty.  I liked that about him for accepting his faluts. But due to fate, I had to discontinue college because of being subjected to eve teasing by four guys. These guys were sent by one guy who also studied with me.

He is a disgusting person so it is better bad experiences should not be discussed in detail and I have talked to him only one or two times but scolded him because he said something about me in a Facebook app. I informed about the eve teasing in second year but they didn’t believe me. This guy kept on coming to my class as the class was divided. I felt annoyed.

So after three years later I gave my brother, a friend request after seeing his profile accidently. He has not changed a tidbit. He remains the same. I also remember fighting with him on Facebook as he was flirting with me. I talked bad about his family and he talked bad about his family. It was a hilarious experience when I think about it.

I also remember flirting with him but it was like a sisterly care as he said he loved seeing me smile on college that too when he has never had the courage to talk to me in person. Today as he is married he has changed a little (little???). I learnt he is mad about seeing films. Now at least I learnt something about him. Whenever he chats, his chats are super interesting. I am not able to figure about his character exactly neither anyone about my character which is insane when considering I also don’t know what my character is.

So the thing is when I was in college he kept on initiating the talk on Facebook, today I started initiating the talk so as to know what he is doing why he is doing. Why he is always doing what he is doing which can only be experienced and cannot be explained.

If only he doesn’t blah blah like sisters and brothers marry these days (just learnt it some days ago) and also if he is open about his relationship status as he is engaged and married,  it will be great.

Even after telling him, he is not listening and he never stops playing.  He is a very attractive and interesting personality who will definitely break lot of girls hearts if he hides his relationship status. Yet I love his cool headed approach and love for freedom as I am also a freedom lover but is more on the serious side. Life is to be taken lightly is a life lesson I learnt from him and I am still learning. I am glad he has not changed.

Even though he says his wife is an open minded person, I am sure she too doesn’t like him being dishonest about not updating his relationship status. But I have scolded him a lot openly and he just doesn’t listen. Keeps on laughing and tried to cool me down saying, ‘No’ .Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah is his trademark and now I am also getting used to this blah, blah, blah lifestyle.

Also I am also a blah, blah, blah personality but don’t know what I am most of the time blah, blah, blahing and I also feel all my favorite people (The list is big-five to six) wants me to blah, blah, blah recently. In three words if I have to describe what is my experience with him is , it is intriguing, exciting and crazy.

He is my brother and he can do nothing about it.

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Say ‘Yes’ to the inspiring world

Love the world I am in. If I was not born, I wouldn’t have gotten an opportunity to meet an IMPORTANT person who inspired me and still inspiring. I am very grateful for it and I can’t explain how much I enjoy their company in life. Knowledge is forever expanding and we must always make sure to seek them.Since childhood we are learning. We learnt to speak to our mother tounge, then studied in schools and colleges to expand our knowledge and get success in whatever position we choose.

Just we have learnt enough to get a job that doesn’t mean we should stop leaning. When we die we will take only knowledge with us apart the clothes we wear . I have met my good friend with whom I didn’t have much conversation when I studied in my high school and college. Spoken to her countable numbers of time as I recall but always respected her for her individuality. Today she has become my lovely companion and plays a key role.

She is a gold medalist and she also plans to write books on different subjects. I hope she succeeds in writing books or articles and enlightens the students with her talent. When I was in college, taking seminars was compulsory. I am terrible at public speaking even though I prepare well for the seminars.

When I had to enact a play in Tamil with a classmate, I spoke very stiffly without showing any emotions or not even an action, my lecturer and my whole classmates started laughing. It was a funny experience too when I also started laughing during the play because I know I am not a good actor.  But my good friend is a great communicator and she performed very well in seminars. She took French in college.

The story to how my good friend and I became closer. Once we have to go to Namakkal, Tamil Nadu for a seminar. Her mother accompanied us. She is a wonderful person to know. I can’t explain my gratitude to her. I had severe cough that time. It was February. I remember it well. She had medicines in her bag. She gave it to me without me asking her. Whenever I coughed, she would give me this medicines in bus. Once the seminar was over, I went with her and her mother along with another girl. She took lot of care.

I have never ever opened myself to anyone even to my relatives as they are not that great to know and also I have never talked to them many times nor they have come to my house many times. Also they are close minded rich people who don’t know the value of helping the unfortunate.

Eventhough we are middle class christians my father helped so many unfortunate people in villages, old age homes , orphange homes and paid three year school fees of an orphaned boy. Today he has stopped as he has retired from his job but he still helps whenever he has time. I am a private person who like my open company but will talk to people if I am probed to talk on my own.

Books have always been my good companions. I studied in evening college but I went early to college in the morning to pick great books. So she was the only person with whom I was able to share things without worrying about it. Right time, right place.

Her views about the world is also same I believe as I was able to understand her way of thinking when she talked to me individually. She also took us to one temple. I admired her faith in God. She also went to another big temple but I did not go as another girl who was with us had leg pain I guess. I stayed with her.

It was in 2013 so I don’t remember it well. After I joined another college, my good friend studied a short term course. Then out of the blue, she called me one day. I told about this college in which I studied and she enquired about it. But I said I will give an email and changed it because I had some problems in life so I forgot mailing her.

Fortunately, she joined another college and completed her Master’s. She gave me a friend request in early 2017 and we became friends. She and I became a little close that too after not talking for many months. I initiated the talk and she was very open minded. We talked about our interests. Her life as a lecturer in college. It was nice to learn about such things. It is good to know that she has chosen teaching as her profession. I am very sure, with her talent she is going to make the students’ score high marks and shine in their profession.

Her success gives me motivation to pursue my higher studies today. She is a gem of a person who never gets tired of learning. I am glad to have met her. If I didn’t meet her mother in Nammakkal, I would have never learned about great persons who taught me life lessons that I hold dear to my heart. We will keep on motivating each other and expand our knowledge and with a world for the best. Miracles do happen in my life when we least expect it.

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The need for water

Can anyone live without water? For how long? Nobody can live without water. Can you imagine a world without water? We all will die. There are people who genuinely use water and there are others who don’t. What is the reason? They are uneducated. If they are educated, why are they wasting water? Go and watch people in slum areas. How do they struggle without water? How do they manage? How many water borne diseases they get?

If they can’t see with their own eyes until then they will not believe it. Today people who waste water need to understand tomorrow children are going to suffer because of them. In these slum areas, how many children are already struggling? We must be grateful that we have a good house, a good career, good food and water. Tomorrow will our children have the same privilege like us?

We don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. We are all thinking today we are alive and healthy. Other people who don’t have the benefit of drinking clean water are cursed some believe. If they are cursed, can’t these people who are blessed can vanish their problems if they have more money?

Wasting water even unintentionally is stupidity I would say. If you are a good person, why do you want to waste water first of all? Conserving water may not be your first priority. Then think about your future children and grand children. Will they have water to use freely? There are still people who are buying water from outside. Do you know how many percentage of people in India buy water from outside and how many people don’t have proper water to drink? If you are a rich wssting water, aren’t you ashamed, you are a waste to the society.
Don’t waste from now on. Minimize the time for taking bath to less than 5 minutes. Don’t waste time unnecessarily by bathing for long hours. If you take long baths, it means you have compulsive obsessive disorder. Have you checked with the doctor?

Don’t drink water more than what your body can take as it also can lead you to become ill. So be careful with water. Don’t be reckless. You must be glad you are gifted generously water while many people don’t. I learnt it recently.

When mopping the floor, manage with minimum water. If you are not able to manage if you are a woman then you are not fit to be a woman. Learn to wash the dishes with minimum water and open the tap only when it is necessary. If you clean your house with water twice a week, it is more than enough.

You don’t have to clean it daily. Make sure you buy water saving products from the market. There are many such products available today. If you have already brought without thinking, you can still manage. You should need to be careful about the amount of water you use daily.

If you have children, teach them not to waste water unnecessarily. Make them learn the importance of water in their life. As it is a daily necessity, they will definitely be able to learn it. Children’s mind are sharp, they can learn everything just tell them about the less fortunate. Save water and save life.

I have signed the petition and made my value count. Have you signed it?

Saving water

Water forms an essential part of our life. If we don’t drink water, we can’t survive. Just imagine a world without water. How would that be? One day you wake up and when you open the tap for washing your face, there is no water. No drinking water too. How does that sound?

Like food, we need water in order to be healthy.

What are all the things one needs to do to save water?

Use less time in the shower
– Many people think using long showers means cleansing our body from dirt. It really helps but they are just overdoing it. If we consume less water, won’t our body become clean? We can utilise water to the minimum and yet be clean which is a true fact. Hope you understanding what I am trying to say. It is not rocket science to explain it in detail.

Brushing the teeth and shaving– When you brush the teeth or shave your face, better close the tap. If you do, it is great but if you don’t, it is foolishness. There will come a time when we have to buy water from outside. Let me share my own experience. We have shifted to our apartment which is brand new and we have to buy water from outside for a few more months but the apartment builder had agreed to pay it in our bank. So all I am saying is if we are not careful, we have to spend lot of money on water. Can we happily waste water in such a case? What pleasure will it give if we waste the water?

Washing the dishes– When you wash the dishes, first use water to remove the sticked food particles in the utensils by using water. Then start washing the dishes with bars or liquid solutions. After that use water wash it. It will save lot of time and trouble. Water will not be wasted too.

Don’t use pipes when watering the garden– It is great you love your garden but you need to be wise and use water conservatively. Never use pipes. It is insane. Use cans instead. It saves water and you will know how much you need daily for the growth of your plants and trees. Maintaining your garden with limited water is genius.

Fix your tap if it is not fixed- Occassionally, in houses or apartments, there comes a time, when the tap becomes loose and the water starts dripping. You need to fix them immediately instead of postponing them otherwise you don’t know what the future has in store for our future generation. We may generously waste water today but our children will have to spend money on water for drinking, washing and bathing purposes in thee future.

Water saving products– There are many water saving products such as washing machines, dishwashers, etc. Hence make sure you buy them. It will be thankful you did as future is uncertain and you don’t what will happen to this world if you are not careful with water. Be wise and make the right decision.

These are all the basic things. You should know all these things by nature. If you dismiss it as nothing, your future generation has to bear the curse. So always make it a habit to save water at all costs. If you do, there is hope for a brighter future and a brighter India. Help the poor people in slums once in a while if you have lot of money. They will be touched by your kindness and will shower you lot of blessings. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

I have signed the petition I hope you will sign the petition too to make our future generation from becoming extinct.





Just Hurry #CleanUpCashOut

I have been using my laptop for more than 7 years. It has become old and whenever I wish to sell this laptop to buy a brand new one, I am a bit hesitant because it will be sold for a much lesser amount. It is a waste of time and loss of huge money. I am petrified. That is why an idea came to my mind that is to buy a new one and keep my old one as a treasure. It’s not that big deal, right? But when I accidently found and saw its benefits, I was like, “wow”. The numerous benefits cannot be put into mere words. I was excited and at the same time, I was very confident that my laptop will be sold for a reasonable rate much to my delight. I have heard many stories about selling of a very costly cellphones for a very lower rate due to the depreciation. But sounds to me like God sent. It is too good to be true. I have put up my laptop for sale and now waiting for a good price.

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Apart from selling things on, we can also get our mobile phones repaired. It is getting more exciting, isn’t it? Just think about selling your electronic gadgets in a shop. You explain patiently to the shop owner about the good condition of your device. But he simply won’t budge. You wonder whether he is a statue. Whatever you say, it is as if it fell in deaf ears. You went to convince him instead he is convincing to sell your device for a much lower rate. The excruciating pain cannot be explained. That is why is one of the best. Just go and try it for yourself. You will not be disappointed just like me.

Imagine. Can you sell your laptop or any of your electronic gadgets with a peaceful heart to a third party who is no way related to you? You will have so many doubts. You will not be satisfied with the amount that they are offering.  But is different. You can blindly put your trust.

If you include the coupon code CLEANCASH, you will get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your gadgets. Wonderful, isn’t it? So please hurry. It’s time to  #CleanUpCashOut

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The lie

This really happened when I was studying in school. Some people may think this story as silly but anyway let me share the story about my foolishness. I studied in a Montessori school from 6th std to 10th std.  I was a newbie and I hardly made any friends. I befriended a 7th std student. We used to talk a lot after school hours until our  auto comes. One day she told me her love story. That’s what I thought. I believed her.

The gossip was this.  In her class, the school director’s nephew studies. One day, he proposed to her it seems. She was awestruck. He was a very handsome guy.  But this girl is a short girl yet cute. She said she don’t know what to tell to him. She told me, “Shhh! Don’t tell anyone”. I hate gossiping. So I didn’t discuss it with anyone in our class.

My family shifted to a house nearby my school. So I went home early. I didn’t meet her after that. Then two years later, my school Annual day was nearing. We were part of a play. Me, that girl, my friend and her friend were chatting between breaks.

I asked her about her love life. She was acting as if she doesn’t know anything. I was dumbfounded. I told her, it was she who told me this news. “Now why are you acting as if nothing happened?” I shouted at her. She again told me that she never told me such news. I was very angry but I controlled myself. I was being cool.

Me and my friend were talking after that incident. My friend told me that girl is a big liar. It was true. This girl only loved that boy. He didn’t. I was convinced.  From that day onwards, I am very alert. If someone asks you to believe her or him, first verify the facts. Later, believe or don’t believe.

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